Thursday, 7 October 2010

BEDESO #6 (Meh)

The problem with BEDESO is days like these: Days where you just can’t be bothered to write a blog; Days where you’d much rather be curled up in bed even though you have a long list of things you should be doing. Nevertheless, I am writing you a blog because I don’t want to fail on day six. Plus, anyway, blogging is way more interesting than homework!
When thinking about things to blog about, sometimes I come up with loads of ideas while other times I draw a complete blank. Today is one of those complete blank days even though yesterday was the opposite. Yesterday, I did come up with a long list of potential blogs: The new ALL CAPS album ‘lowercase’, my love hate relationship with radio 4, the tobogganing I did yesterday with my friends, and of course, the program ‘Genius with Dave Gorman’. I expect I’ll use these ideas for various blogs eventually but I don’t really feel like writing any of them now. Plus I’m writing this at school (again) so I don’t have access to everything I’d like to.

As I sit here and type this I’ve got my maths homework staring at me from one side and my friend searching through university choices on the other. It’s when you have so much important stuff to do that it makes these ‘meh’ moods even worse. Even though I’ve already chosen my universities and finished my personal statement, I’m still waiting for my teacher to add the reference and send my UCAS off properly and after that offers. It’s a big step and one I’ve been looking forward to so long that it scares me how close it is. This time next year I could be studying veterinary medicine at university. Then again, if I keep ignoring this maths homework, I won’t get the grades. It’s a shame you can’t just download all this information!

          “So long, and thanks for all the fish.”

Current book I’m reading: The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy
Last TV show watched: Doctor Who – The Beast Below (I spent last night waiting for Sons of Admirals to be played on the radio rather than watching any TV programs)
Current web pages open: Blogger - Edit posts
Number of people I’m talking to on msn/Facebook: 0 (School blocks both!)

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