Monday, 25 October 2010

BEDESO #21 (The epic/lame balance)

On Saturday, I went to London and met up with a group of awesome people who are more commonly known as Josh, Jake, Hannah, Matt, Beth and Ollie. We had a great day, hanging out, talking, having fun, and having a bail of laughs. I took a ridiculous amount pictures and video footage to document the day, yet even then, epic moments were missed.

I was hoping to make the video footage into a proper little YouTube video. I have an idea all planned out but I have one problem: the new version of movie maker is absolutely pants. It's almost impossible to use and it's so user friendly that only utter morons can use it. It's lost the awesome feature of the timeline, lost the easy method of adjusting the lengths of clips and I can't find half the effects anywhere!

I was hoping to have the video sorted by tonight. However, it seems that it's going to take me a while to get used to this new set-up and even longer to find some more free time! Instead, I'll give you a little preview with the voice-over script I am hoping to use for it when I find a quite moment to record it.

On Saturday 23rd of October, I met up with a few friends I met on Roothill camp. After spending some time waiting for everyone to arrive and then taking the compulsory group photographs in Trafalgar Square, we headed off to an arcade. While we were there, some world record attempt to do with DDR was taking place. The boys obviously went off to amuse themselves with the penny machines… the shooting games… more penny machines… and even more shooting games… while us girls wandered around wondering what all the fuss about guns is. We then found guitar hero before being shown up by the boys!..... Eventually, while a rather sedate game of pool was being played and some crocodiles pulverised, us girls found the air hockey tables. Sure, the boys pulverised us and soon took over, winning all the tickets, but it was fun!
Next, we discovered the dodgems. With the whole circuit to ourselves we set about crashing into each other with as much force as possible. A lot of fun I must say!
We then went down to the underground and had a rather odd discussion about one of the adverts….
Then the train arrived and we went to the science museum where we met Albert Einstein.
Dr Ke also taught us about cupping.
Another compulsory group photo and some sonic-ing later, we went for some food, created an odd stop motion animation with the salt and pepper before waiting for a bus….
We got on the bus and nabbed the back seats…
Before all too long, it was time to return home…. Back to normality… back to a life without Matt, Josh, Hannah, Jake, Beth and Ollie.

                         "So long and thanks for all the fish."

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  1. darn it all, sounds like i missed out epically. can't claim my saturday was anywhere near that interesting 8(

    also, i'm struggling to imagine how any nonlinear editing app is supposed to work without a timeline. surely there's got to be one somewhere... have you tried all the preferences menus and stuff?

  2. It's so over-simplified that I don't think it even has an "advanced preference menu" or anything like that. I can't even save a video file just as an audio file either. It's totally annoying me!

  3. no, wait... I've just looked it up on Wikipedia, and apparently you're right, the idiots at Microsoft have actually got rid of the timeline. that's truly moronic. it's like getting rid of the wheels from a car.

    so... umm... yeah. start saving up for Vegas 10. even more better, get the free trial first and see for yourself how awesome it is: 8]

  4. I may try living on free trials alone! I don't have enough money or do enough editing for buying it to be worth it :(

  5. in case you don't get on with Vegas, i've done some free-software hunting, and found these: and never used either of them myself, but they look/sound like they might be sort of what you're looking for. try videospin first, it looks to be the better of the two. Well, they sound better than WLMM anyway...