Wednesday, 27 October 2010

BEDESO #23 (Heartstrings)

Yesterday, I spent the day in London and I had a great time. I haven't had much chance to spend time with Terrie recently and not only was it great seeing Russell Howard's Good News being recorded, it was also brilliant to just be able to spend a day chatting with friends. I could blog about how awesome Russell Howard was but 1) You'll be able to watch a lot of that on TV, 2) I drafted a blog on the train home so I'll share that with you.

Sometimes I wish I was good at writing songs. I always think they're great ways to express your feelings and pour out your heart in an indirect way. Sure, some songs sum up how you feel to an extent but they're never perfect.

When you listen to good songs, the artists are so often pouring our their hearts (I guess that's why I prefer bands like Snow Patrol that write their own lyrics) and I wish I could pour out my heart in the same way. Construct wonderful metaphors, complex rhyming schemes, all to a tune that means I can sing my feelings at the top of my voice.

Sure, I can blog, but you can't let out your feelings in quite the same way. In some ways, it's too serious, too direct, in other ways, it just doesn't let you express them in their full force. Doing so would either lead to large holes in paper and lots of scribbles, or many broken keyboards. Bloggings seems too reserved, too sedate, even at it's most sincere.

Again, there's telling friends but sometimes they're not there or you want to sort stuff our in your own head first. Also, friends can often provoke the deep thinking that leaves you wanting to shout or sing your feelings to no-one at the top of your lungs. Often, after sharing lots with friends you're left with a lot to think about. You've seen your character or thought pattern in a new light or it's just brought up things you tend to try ignore.

Now, I'm not saying this is a bad thing, talking and sharing is great but I'd love to be able to express feelings in the form of a song. There's something about music that touches the heart. The feeling you get when singing along with a song you relate to is so exhilarating and I can only begin to imagine the feeling when it's your own song; your own words, thoughts worries, hopes and dreams.

Good songs let your heart go along the roller-coaster ride with the artist and, while I'm greatful of the gifts I have, I will always respect the talents of artists who make my heart soar and dive with theirs through music alone.

         "So long and thanks for all the fish."

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