Wednesday, 6 October 2010

BEDESO #5 (Genius!)

The BBC TV show ‘Genius with Dave Gorman’ has finally returned to our screens and it’s as awesome as ever. If you haven’t seen any of it I command you to go search it on iPlayer or YouTube immediately. It’s actually genius.
The idea of the program is that people send in ideas that are sometimes ridiculous, sometimes unworkable, but hopefully genius. They might be inventions, schemes, or policies all to seek to improve the world (or at least make it a more fun place!) Some of these ideas are then selected to be proposed on the show. Some are just discussed while others have actual prototypes made with hilarious outcomes!

“Genius” was initially a radio show on radio 4 but I didn’t hear about it until it was on the telly. However, I’d love to be able to go back and listen to the original programs despite being able to see the inventions that are tried out is much more exciting!

The ideas in the show range from “making the Isle of Wight symmetrical to encourage tourism” to a “duvet roll” to solve the problem of a partner nicking the bed covers. Some are amazingly awesome and would be so good if they could practically be implemented, some are hilariously odd while others are just plain bizarre. I think my uttermost favourite is “Dan’s piano choir.” This was from last series and they actually made a piano attached to light bulbs that various choir members held so they knew when to sing their designated note. It probably needs a bit of work before it can be perfected but, in my opinion, it is genius.

The new series has obviously only just begun and my friend, Rosanna, and I, are determined to think up a large number of ‘genius’ ideas to send in. We’ve come up with a few that may work while others need a bit of refining. However, don’t think I’m going to tell you them all on here! You might try submitting them yourself!

I’ve also recently ‘converted’ two other friends to the ways of ‘Genius’. Seriously, you don’t know what you’re missing until you head over to iPlayer and have a look for yourself. The ideas are hilarious and some of them you just want them to work! Obviously, a lot of them wouldn’t work practically or the Dragon’s Den lot would have snapped them up already or the government would have implemented them but it would be good if they could at least try the idea of MPs having to hold a cabbage every time they mention the opposition and then having a forfeit when they drop them; Maybe someday.

            “So long, and thanks for all the fish.”

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