Saturday, 30 October 2010

BEDESO #26 (The End!)

"I've reached the end, but it's not the final curtain. In fact I'm almost certain a new world's opening for me."

Ok, so Tom Milsom was singing about Doctor Who and I'm talking about finishing BEDESO but the sentiment is the same. It may be the end of a long commitment, this may be the last time I have to blog every day, but that doesn't mean it is the end. Just because BEDESO is over doesn't mean I'm not going to blog.

BEDESO has shown me that sometimes all I need is a reason to blog and I'll churn out something that isn't just drivel. Sure, a blog EVERY day means a few are more ramblings than sense but sometimes I need that little prompting to blog and to share what I'm feeling. Not necessarily because I'm self absorbed or I think the world wants to know about the contents of my head but because it's sometimes good to share what you're feeling for your own good.

Now, next month, I have no idea how much I will blog. I'll try to not abandon you for a month but besides the general craziness of life, as you know, I'm hoping to do NaNoWriMo. I looked at my plot earlier today so I sort of know what I'm writing but that doesn't mean I'm going to have lots of time! I also have to fit in homework, school, church, clubs, revision, exams, so my blog may end up being one of the things that gets dropped. However, I'll keep you updated on my word count when I do blog and I'm sure that I'll tweet my word count!

Thank you for putting up with my ramblings, rantings, and moanings all month. I still don't know how many people regularly read my blog. I do know this though:

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Of this, 169 were for my review of lowercase. For that, all I can say is "Thank you ALL CAPS." I may not be going for numbers but it amazes me how many people bothered looking.

Oh, and...


         "So long and thanks for all the fish."

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  1. congratulations on finishing!

    that mention of 'some random site about guinea pig farming' is a very random way to end the month - but i like it.

    just for the record, i've been reading regularly (y'know, that's why i hit that 'follow' button last month), and i plan to keep doing so. tbph i'm not sure that i'll ever get round to reading all the old posts, same as how i'm not sure i'll ever get round to seeing all 600+ classic-series episodes of Doctor Who. but then again, you never know. and even if i don't, at least you got compared to DW. every cloud has a silver lining :)

    so... all the best for nanowrimo...

  2. Thank you!! Oh, and as an explanation, the guinea pig thing is for biology homework!

    As amazing as it is to be compared to Doctor who, my 139 posts can hardly compare!

    Again, thank you and yeah, I'm not sure if I'll survive nanowrimo!!

  3. "not sure if i'll survive nanowrimo"... hm. got to admire your optimism there. 8p

    well, if you don't survive, i'll come to the funeral. if you do, i want to read the book (assuming it isn't a Twilight fanfic). fair dos?

    ...sorry about the morbid humour.

  4. Realism Matt, realism. You try writing 50000 words in a month! :)

    Don't worry, no Twilight fanfic! Anyway, if it was at all twilight related it would be mocking it not praising it! :)

  5. i'm never going to attempt nanowrimo, because i know perfectly well that i'd never finish the book. but i wouldn't kill myself trying - i.e. i'd fail, but still survive. i said, morbid humour... 8s

    re: twilight, i probably got the impression you were into the series thanks to the picture of the book in that slideshow thing over there -->

  6. Ah, that's partly cause I went through a phase of liking it and that's actually a painting I did for my GCSE art. I included it more because I like the cover :)