Saturday, 23 October 2010

BEDESO #20 (Excitement!)

I think this is the earliest I've ever blogged. I don't think I'll make it a thing but there is a reason why I'm blogging so early today. I haven't just gone mad or taken some potion to make me, someone who's very much an evening person, become a morning person.

Today, I'm heading off to London in under an hour to see some of my friends from Roothill! I haven't seen most of them since the summer (I couldn't make the last meet up) and I'm just really really excited. I mean REALLY excited. I love meeting up with my Christian friends and I love going up to London so this is basically as good as Saturdays come. Well, as good as Saturdays come when you're not already on camp.

To be honest, I'm not really sure what we're doing today. One of my friends said something about needing to return something to Cath Kidston but she may end up having to drag the rest of us there! (Love you really Beth!) Nevertheless, I don't really mind what we do. It's just great to be able to meet up with some of the friends I hardly ever get to see.

However, not all my friends from Roothill can make it. It's a shame when that happens, a pretty massive shame but I can hardly do anything about it. I really wish everyone was coming and I really wish I could see everyone but various problems like lack of money and being busy mean that it's virtually impossible to get everyone in the same place.

On a slight side note, for one of the friends I'm meeting up with today, I've created a DFTBA playlist for them to go through. I'm currently testing it out (although it's a bit late if I need to change it!) however it seems to be ok so far!

Now, time is ticking on and I really don't want to miss my train! I might give you a summary of the day on Monday if I have time and for those of you there, don't worry, I'll try and take loads of pictures!!

         "So long and thanks for all the fish."

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