Saturday, 16 October 2010

BEDESO #14 (lowercase)

I absolutely love acoustic versions of music. It's very rare that the acoustic is worse than the original and I love the simplicity of just the voices with minimal backing. This is even more awesome with ALL CAPS because, even though I really enjoy their first two albums which are full of auto tuning, both Kristina and Luke have amazing voices. Their new mini album (lowercase) is awesome and I've been meaning to tell you about it for a while.

This album is made up of six beautiful acoustic tracks. A couple of them are totally new while the others have either been on their albums or on their channel previously. I'm now going to go through each of the tracks and break down what is so good about them!

Trainers in Love
Although I'm not into Pokémon (mainly because of lack of exposure to it), this is a beautiful song. The harmonies are just right and I just keep singing along to it. Even as a Pokémon n00b I get some of the nerd references and it really makes me want to get into Pokémon as well as being brilliant listening. I could put this song on repeat and listen to it all day.

This is the third version of Saved that I've heard and I've liked each and every one. This version is obviously an acoustic version of the one on the ALL CAPS album rather than from Luke's channel with him singing alone and once again it's the harmonies that I really like about this version. I've always loved the lyrics and this version puts more focus on the lyrics as you only have a guitar rather than  full backing. The little guitar bit at the end is random and I got annoyed with it the first time I listened but it's grown on me and I like the fact that it isn't over produced.

Don't Unplug Me
In my opinion, this is much better than the original, mainly because you can really hear Kristina's voice rather than all the electronic auto-tuning. I know that it makes sense for the lyrics but, if I haven't said it enough, I love harmonies! It's a bit slower than the original but it works!

Dashing Knight
I first heard this on the ALL CAPS YouTube channel where Luke played it to Kristina with the help of Jason Munday. Initially, I thought that this version was much too slow. To be honest, I still prefer the speed of the original but once again the harmonies has made me grow to love this version and it also makes the lyrics make more sense in how the harmonies have been shared out between Luke and Kristina. Undoubtedly, one of the best bits is the guitar solo in the middle and I'm glad that wasn't lost for 'lowercase'. I'm also a sucker for old English so how can I hate this song?!

World of Warcraft
This is a much softer version of World of Warcraft and, while it sounds really nice, it does lose the anger of the original. Again, the harmonies and guitar are beautiful but, while it does have passion, it doesn't have that anger that I loved about the original. The passion does grow as the song goes on which I like though. It does end rather abruptly in my opinion but I'm not sure if I like that or not. If you ignore the original, this is another wonderful track but, in comparing it to the original, I'm not so sure if it was one of the best to chose to do an acoustic cover of.

Real or Not Real
Despite this being the first of the acoustic songs I ended up hearing, this is a perfect end to the album. It's full of passion and has actually made me want to read 'The Hunger Games'! There's one bit where Kristina's vocals are a bit rough compared to the rest of the album but then again, I'm no music whiz and this may have been intended. All I can say is that I think it would have been a bit better smoother but, either way, the song is another beautiful and passionate addition to lowercase and the ALL CAPS repertoire.

In conclusion, lowercase is an amazing album purely for the harmonies and passion you can hear in Luke and Kristina's natural voices. It makes a nice change to auto-tuning but I certainly don't want ALL CAPS to stop their usual style either! There's a few bits that stop it from being perfect but if that wasn't the case I'd have to wonder if Luke and Kristina were really human...

"So long and thanks for all the fish."

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  1. I agree with "real or not real." Kristina's voice was not that good. But luke's was amazing. Kristina's was bleh. She could've done a lot better with the song and the video. In the video she totally over exaggerated it and it was irritating. But all the songs are incredible!

  2. Thank you for you're comment! Yeah, Kristina's voice could have been better. Not that it was majorly bad, she's just shown us that she can do better! I only watched the video once so I can't really remember what it's like.
    Thanks again and DFTBA!