Saturday, 2 October 2010

BEDESO #2 (Cheese and Trifle)

I have this thing against mixing sweet and savoury. It seems wrong and I guess you could call it one of my ‘pet peeves’. Sure, there’s the occasional thing that can be used as either sweet or savoury – like pastry – but it’s when those things that are most definitely sweet are mixed with the things that are most definitely savoury that I get the most annoyed.

I think the two most commonly misplaced foods are grapes and pineapple. A lot of people like pineapple on pizza but I don’t like it. Pizza is most definitely savoury and yet pizza makers have this obsession with putting this fruity, sweet food on it. You may think I’m crazy but it’s just not right. Grapes are similarly misplaced. There is nothing worse than ordering a salad and discovering that they have included grapes. It’s not that I don’t like grapes, or salad, but it’s the combination that bugs me. Maybe this is just me not liking the idea of going against the norm but that doesn’t change my dislike of mixing sweet and savoury.

When asking for suggestions for themes, I got two main responses: Cheese and trifle. As you can probably guess, they are two things that I would never put together. (Not that anyone else necessarily would.) Then again, I don’t like trifle at all; soggy sponge is another food pet peeve.

Writing this, I’m getting very aware of how fussy I can be when it comes to food. I’d be totally happy to eat variations on cheese and pasta combinations. They might be easy to do and taste lovely but that’s not really very out there. (Also it’s not very good for you!) Mixing the cheese obsession with trifle is probably not the way to go but maybe I should try learning to cook more exciting (and cheap) things before I go off to university.

Right, this blog is starting to be just me babbling and rambling on so I’m going to stop before you get too bored. No blog tomorrow as it’s Sunday but I’ll be with you once again on Monday!

“So long, and thanks for all the fish.”

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