Friday, 22 October 2010

BEDESO #19 (Tiredness)

I was watching a video by Alex Day earlier (not on his main channel may I add) where he was talking about how vloggers shouldn't feel forced to make vlogs just because they haven't done so in a while. He was saying how the worst vlogs are the ones where youtubers haven't vlogged in a while so spend the whole vlog apologising just because they feel they have to do something. I guess today, I feel like I'm just blogging because I have to but I'm tired and want to get some sleep for tomorrow (which you should get a blog about) so it's going to be rubbish. However, I'm not going to just spend the whole blog apologising as that's not what you're here to read.

It is well know that blog quality decreases as tiredness increases but I'll let a graph explain.
Also, my tiredness means I substitute interestingness for pictures. Like these:
*goes finds random pictures off laptop*

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