Tuesday, 12 October 2010

BEDESO #10 (Don't Panic!)

Once again, I have left my blog to the last minute. I have literally ten minutes until the computer times out and I either fail or have to struggle with getting the upstairs computer to work so as to finish blogging without my dad moaning. My parents aren’t totally thrilled with the idea of me blogging every day (they seem to think that it’s wasting my time...) but I sort of want to prove to myself that if I get into the habit of doing something then I can do it. If I can do blogging everyday which people can moan at me about for forgetting I know, if I work at it, I can get into good habits that maybe aren’t so easy for other to nag me about whether it’s doing something kind everyday or something else.

I was going to blog about something else but as time ticks away I think that topic will once again have to wait. I’ve been meaning to blog about ‘that thing’ for a couple of days but I keep changing my mind at the last minute either because I’ve thought of something better or because (like today) I’ve just run out of time to think about it properly. Today’s blog is being written on a time limit so there’s no luxury of something long and rant-y. (Just something short and rant-y!)

Ah, four minutes left. How about a little list of things that I may blog about in the future? If I write them down they may actually get done!!

- ALL CAPS’ acoustic album ‘lowercase’

- Sons of Admirals and John Green (well overdue!)

- Radio 4

- New twitter

- Doctor Who?

- Merlin?

- My time keeping?!

- More letter writing encouragement...

Well, I need time left to transfer this so....

                 “So long and thanks for all the fish!”

Current book I’m reading: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Last TV show watched: Doctor Who - The Vampires of Venice
Current programs/web pages open: Blogger - Edit posts, Twitter, msn, word, Windows Media Player
Number of people I’m talking to on msn/Facebook: 1

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