Monday, 18 October 2010


On August 14th, I went up to London with two of my friends to go see John Green and 3/4 of the Sons of Admirals. Now, I've never really been to any sort of gig before but this was certainly the best one to start with. Arriving a good few hours before the doors opened, after finding "Ice Father Nation", an epic evening began.

Even before arriving we bumped into two other Nerdfighters also heading to the gig. It was so strange to talk to them about all things Nerdfighter and it was great to have someone else to get lost with on the way from the tube station! Arriving at the venue we thought it looked rather quiet. Admittedly it was about three hours before the gig was to start but we were expecting it to be busier. However, we spoke too soon...

After receiving raffle tickets to secure our 'early position' in the queue, we popped off to get something to eat. Us, being the fan girls we are, got a bit over excited when we saw Alex Day walking not far in front of us. Obviously, we restrained ourselves so we didn't look like idiots and I do hope he appreciated that! On our return, we saw Tom Milsom, EddPlant and Tom Bacon emerge from a car and, as we walked back in, Alex came rushing past. I used this opportunity to shout "Tom's outside!" to him giving me a "Thanks!" in reply and a red face due to a mix of embarrassment and excitement. I spoke to a YouTuber!

While we queued, in anticipation for the gig to start, we spent time talking to other Nerdfighters, getting excited over "happy Margo", asking Lex to sign my scrapbook, waving at John Green's camera as he runs past on his way to talk to those at the long distant end of the queue, singing many songs including many nerdy ones! The chant of the evening rapidly became "D, F, T, B, A, I said DFTBA!" and excitement grew and grew until the doors opened and we started pouring in. Passing past Rosianna who I wished 'Happy Birthday' as she drew a green Sharpie cross on my hand, I walked down the steps to the main part of the venue.

Along with Terrie and Alex, I queued up to have my scrapbook signed. Despite the rushed nature of the meeting, I was able to briefly speak to Alex Day, Tom Milsom, EddPlant, and a little later, John Green. Alex, Tom and Edd all seemed amazed at my scrapbook and Tom seem surprised and pleased at my love of his 'Trockstuff'. More people should tell him it's awesome because that's what it is! We were rush on with hardly any time to talk, there were so many other Nerdfighters also waiting for their few moments with 'the boys' and we went on to queue up to meet John Green briefly also. After signing all his books that I'd brought and my scrapbook in green Sharpie, he asked to borrow my black Sharpie. Well, when he said borrow, he said he meant that I may not get it back again. Which I didn't, but I don't mind!

We then went on to watch the actual gig. It was immense and, standing a few rows back, it was great to hear the three guys play live and it was even more amazing to be surrounded by other Nerdfighters who like their music as much as I do. After Alex played "Holding On", I shouted out to ask him "have you learnt to ride a bike yet?" I apologise now Alex, if you're reading this for the embarrassment that caused you however, I did (and still do) offer lessons (although I think that offer got lost in amongst the shouts of others.) However, it was great how everyone else understood the reference ("I'd ride across the sky with you on a bicycle built for two, if you teach me how to ride") and other moments like that throughout the rest of the night were amazing and sort of hard to replicate in words. If only I had remembered the spare SD card to take more video footage.

John Green, the man who was the reason behind the whole gig, came to read the beginning of "Paper Towns" and answer a few questions while the guys went to play a mini show to the people upstairs who couldn't get in. Yes, that's how many people turned up! John Green was amazing and it was so weird to hear his American voice coming from a person in front of me rather than from my computer speakers. He answered my question about whether the maths in "An Abundance of Katherines" really works, claiming it did, however I'm still not convinced! (I'm going to have to re-evaluate my figures for my ex-boyfriends and possibly use some other people's ex-es in order to analyse the equation sufficiently!)

Nevertheless, it was an amazing evening and I really hope another epic event like this could take place some time soon. It was an evening that truly didn't FTBA and so I'll leave you with a little summary video I made of the evening (which will link to my channel where you'll find a few more videos too. Although I haven't put them all up yet! :/ )

                 “So long and thanks for all the fish!”

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