Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Unlikely endings

Now to dive into the world of hypothetical questions.... Would you prefer an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse?

At this point I'm tempted to point out how both are basically impossible... How the probabilities make it unlikely for there to be any intelligent aliens and then times that by the practical impossibility of interstellar travel... And as for a zombie apocalypse, the police force, army, national health service, all those sort of things mean that any sort of zombie-like infection is unlikely to spread. Have you not noticed how all zombie films start after the police, army and all that sort of thing has disappeared? Anyway... we were talking hypothetically...

I think I would probably prefer an alien invasion because, seen as this is hypothetical, that means, hypothetically, the likelihood of the Doctor turning up is much more likely. So with an alien invasion, it would be so much more exciting, so much more like an episode of Doctor Who... plus the ending would be so much more satisfying. Have you noticed how zombie films just, sort of... end... There's no satisfying conclusion so much, it just... ends. There suddenly become a cure or something and it just ends... or everyone dies.... Plus I'm not sure how good I'd be with a shotgun.

"Oh man I hate, hate, hate frigging zombies..." - ALL CAPS

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  1. tell you something weird - i had a dream last night where i had a shotgun and i was trying to attack something, and i was pretty bad with it. and then this morning i read this, and you mentioned attacking things with shotguns. so, um... yeah, i'd probably vote alien invasion too.

    ps: i should have known you'd mention DW in answering this question, shouldn't i?

  2. Not all alien invasions are related to Doctor Who. Have you watched any of the following:
    Independance Day
    Battle Los Angeles
    Destroy All Monsters (Godzilla Film)
    Godzilla: Final Wars

    Are you sure an Alien Invasion would be fun, I think it would be quite scary. Particularly if it was The Alien or The Predator.

    Another end of the world scenario people keep forgetting is The Day Of The Triffids. Another potential one is if Dragons take over the world which is shown in the film Reign of Fire (watch it, it is very good).

  3. Also what about the Machines taking over the world like in the Terminator Films. There is also the possibility of Alien Robots like the Transformers.

  4. Well, if we end up with a War of the Worlds situation...... I'd really hope the Doctor turned up first....