Friday, 12 August 2011

No, not the man with the ark

Rolling straight on to the next question: Why is your car called that?

So, for those of you who don't know, my car is called Noah. Yes, you're right to jump to conclusion that this is from the Bible but no, the name is not from the guy who built an ark when God told him to but actually, it's after a lady in the Bible.

"What? There's a female Noah in the Bible?" is probably what you're saying if you haven't heard this story before. The answer is most certainly yes. In fact, she's mentioned in two separate places. I can't remember who said this or when it got said but it came about that I relayed this fact (I believe the original claim was that there are more female Noahs than male in the Bible but it comes to pass that this actually isn't strictly speaking true) to a friend which led to a long time on Easter Camp trawling through the Bible to back up our facts. Eventually, and a long time later, two accounts came up separately in my bible readings (Numbers 26v33/36v11 being in effect one account and Joshua 17v3 being the other). If you read it, you find that Noah is one of the daughters of Zelophehad and her and her sisters had no brothers so asked for their father's land to be passed on through them in the Numbers account and in Joshua we see it being given to them.

Now what has this got to do with the name of my car? Well, when we got the car, we (well mainly me) decided it should be named. My mum suggested Alfie due to my Grandma giving me a chocolate car called Alfie rather than a chocolate egg for Easter and I suggested Noah just because it would be a good reason to tell the story of the above. Plus only a car can get away with being female and called Noah. So for a while Noah Alfie Newcombe was the car's name (NAN for short) however only the Noah bit seems to have stuck until this day to leave you with this rather bizarre anecdote...


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  1. you implied that a car can be female. this opens a whole other can of worms...