Saturday, 13 August 2011

Painting by Numbers

I've just finished painting an episode of Fort Paradox for Matt so I think it's rather appropriate that I answer this question next: Ink or Acrylics?

I don't actually have a straight out answer for this. When I'm doing art, it usually depends what mood I'm in as to which medium I use. If I'm in a messier mood then I'll probably pull out my acrylics but if I'm in a more monochrome mood I'd go for inks (Biros usually being my preferred type of inky pen). I'd also say that it depends what I'm planning on drawing. Something with more detail and less focus on colour will usually be done in ink while a less detailed, more colour dependant piece would be done in acrylics. Also, the larger the artwork, the more likely I will do it in acrylics. However cool it would be to do an A1 piece entirely in Biro, I don't think I'd have the patience. Maybe someday I'll do a massive Biro piece....

I have to say, I do love acrylics. Despite being fond of doing ink drawings, there is something satisfying about acrylics which blends colours in a certain way and fills in big blocks so quickly in as equally as satisfying way. Choosing between the two is hard but however easy it is to just pick up a pen and draw, usually I will choose acrylics if I have the time, space and desire to be a little more messy. :)

An interior without an exterior can hardly constitute itself as an interior - Salvador Dali

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