Tuesday, 9 August 2011

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

How big are your feet?

You know, this is not actually as straight forward as you would thing. You probably thought I'd give you an integer and then fill up the rest of the blog with rambling but actually, it's just not that easy. I mean, I know I'm roughly around a size 7 but I can never guarantee that a size 7 will fit. Sometimes they're too big and I have to get a size 6, sometimes they're even too small and I have to get a size 8. Sizes seem to vary from make to make and a size 6 in one style of shoe will be just the same size as a size 8 in another!

I could just measure my feet I guess.. Hang on... *grabs ruler from nearby desk* my right foot is.... *measures foot* roughly 26 cm long or about 10.2 inches (ironically less that a foot long) and my left foot is.... *measures foot* 25 cm long about 9.8 inches give or take. Well, that centimetre differences certainly explains why I tend to find shoes never fit both feet equally well.... Then again, I may have measured my feet wrong.. I was trying to use a plastic ruler I got for art in year seven. As you do...


Twenty Questions status: 4 down, 16 to go!
programs open: Steam, Sticky notes, windows live mail, windows media player, chrome (blogger in draft: new post)
Latest music listened to: Eddplant's "Less Than Three"
Last film/tv watched: Still Top Gear!
Latest book read: Still "If you could see me now"
Latest edible item consumed: Still crunch cake!
Predominant colour of clothes wearing: Still haven't changed...
Days until Roothill: 11 (I still have more blogs left than days left....)

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  1. in case you were wondering, mine are size 10. or sometimes 9 depending on the make of shoes - wellies seem especially prone to being bigger than they say they are, and one time recently i think i got away with wearing size 7 or 8 ones.