Friday, 12 August 2011

Sssh! Don't wake me!

Do you like mornings?

No. Well, no is usually my immediate answer to this question but seen as I need more than one word I've been thinking about this a little more. My hatred of mornings isn't really just as simple as 'no'. At least, not if you think about the different ways you could interpret this question.

The most obvious interpretation and the cause of the flat out 'no' response is the "do you like getting up in the mornings?" way of looking at it. I suck at getting out of bed. Anyone who's ever shared a room with me, or a tent, or ever seen me in the morning for any reason knows that I just don't get up. I'm too fond of staying tucked up in my duvet, snuggled down in the warmth of my bed and even when I'm in a sleeping bad on an air bed, I rarely want to get up. I'm just too fond of sleep and that warm snuggly feeling that you pretty much only get in bed.

You could also take it as "do you like the period of time pre-lunch but post dawn?" and for that, I'd have to say I do. There is something satisfying about getting stuff done in the morning and knowing, when you've finished that you've still got the whole afternoon left to do things. The weather in the morning of a hot day is winding up to the sunny climax of noon rather that winding down to the balmy evening (although I do love that, who doesn't love the smell of a cool summer evening?) and mornings give you the feeling of a fresh new day that you miss when you don't get up until 11 or 12...

Although I say that I like the time period of morning, I'm afraid to say that my hatred of getting out of bed generally overrules. Rarely do I get up earlier than I need to and more often than not I try to squeeze an extra five... ten... fifteen... thirty minutes of sleep before I actually get up. No wonder I so often set my alarm so long before I actually need to be out the door...

"Tweet tweet, time to sleep... or are you waking up?"

Twenty Questions status: 8 down, 12 to go
programs open: I'm going to try setting a schedule for this to post in the morning....
Latest music listened to: One of the songs off Chameleon Circuit's "Still got legs". 'Although I can't remember which track
Last film/tv watched: BBC 10 O'clock News. Although I have to admit not the whole thing
Latest book read: If you could see me now
Latest edible item consumed: I had a glass of milk before I went up to bed.
Predominant colour of clothes wearing: Grey/White
Days until Roothill: 8


  1. it's interesting that morning affinity doesn't seem to run in families. my dad, and my grandad on mum's side, are both morning types and have often been firing on all cylinders for two hours before i even start to exist for the day. whereas i share your fondness for the space under the duvet until at least 9am, if not 10 or (occasionally) 11.