Thursday, 18 August 2011

Following the theme of what came before

Has Steven Moffat dropped the ball?

In my opinion, no. Well, unless he's been playing catch with his sons in which case, maybe, but I don't tend to pry into his private life.

So why no? Because his writing is still awesome. Frustrating and confusing maybe but still awesome. It's the sort of writing that is probably appreciated more on a re-watching of his work when you know all the little intricacies and can appreciate all the little pointers that you missed first time but it is still fantastic. (Imagine that fantastic being said in the voice of the 9th Doctor, that's how fantastic it is in my opinion.)

Do I need to expand on that? I've filled the 100 word criteria and I'm adamant the answer is 'no' soooo....


Twenty Questions status: 19 down, 1 to go! (goes to check if Matt has sneekily done another blog and won...)
programs open: Sticky notes, windows live mail, windows media player, chrome (blogger in draft new post)
Latest music listened to: That Will Be The Day - Mike Lombardo
Last film/tv watched: Still a short bit of My Family
Latest book read: Alice in Time
Latest edible item consumed: Still the Sorbet. I'm very full!
Predominant colour of clothes wearing: Still blue..
Days until Roothill: 2

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  1. i'm reserving judgment on this question until i've seen the rest of Series 6. i'm worried, but still hopeful.