Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Whale watching

I'm currently sitting in the gallery above the mammal room in the natural history museum that famously contains the blue whale. There are five massive whale skeletons hanging in front of me and it really makes you realise just how small we are. A single jaw bone is longer than I am tall and its backbone is easily thicker than my leg. It's amazing to think that these creatures are swimming about in the oceans.

Even after a morning of filling in a worksheet for my evolution module, I can't help but see God's amazing creation in the creatures all around me. I can't help but ask how could any of this come about by chance? The creatures are too beautiful and too precisely designed for birds to have come from dinosaurs or mammals to have come from lizards. As I look at the bones of the whales in front of me, how could this gigantic creature come from a microscopic, boneless organism? The world I see just doesn't fit with the history I'm taught in lectures.

I know many don't agree; many will say I'm the crazy one for saying evolution didn't happen but I've tried seeing it from their view and it doesn't fit, so maybe they should try see it from mine?

Live long and keep posting =]


  1. I guess people don't want to believe in God. What you won't see, you can't see.

  2. So did you completly miss out the Dinosaurs?

    That is the best part of the Natural History Museum. The man who founded that museum came from Lancaster and he came up with the word Dinosaur. Dinosaurs are some of God's Amazing Creatures and even though all we have are bones we know of their existence from several skeletons of the same creatures being discovered.

    If you want to know anything about Dinosaurs just ask me.

    1. I didn't really have time to go to the Dinosaurs. It was a choice between more museum and miss the rush hour on the tube! However, there were a few dinosaur bits in the sections I went round and I'm sure I'll go back round before I'm out of uni!

  3. I think you have just inspired me to finally do those blog posts on Dinosaurs, Thank You.