Friday, 6 January 2012

Cello Wars!!

I don't want to finish First 12 for '12 and then just disappear again so I'm going to try keep up the blogging. Whether It's something fairly brief or a whole long rant, I don't want to disappear for three months again. Yeah, sorry about that...

So I thought I'd post the video I mentioned in a comment on one of Sam's blogs. It's basically an epic mix between a Cello duet and Star Wars. Oh, and who doesn't want to see Darth Vader playing an accordion??

Live long and keep posting =]


  1. well, i'm all in favour of this blog-more-frequently-than-once-every-three-months resolution, and i enjoyed the video, so this was a good post =]

  2. That is very cool. Have subscribed.

  3. I like how Darth Vader plays the Acordian, he should be allowed to play an entire piece.

    How do you subscribe?

    1. You need a youtube account (they're free), then it's just a case of hitting the big ol' button at the top of the video, marked subscribe. Each month you'll be notified by e-mail if any of your subscriptions have posted anything new.

  4. Is it possible to subscribe by e-mail like My Blog?