Friday, 6 January 2012

Video Editing

One thing that I got for Christmas that I've been wanting for a while is video editing software. When "Lessthanthreenerds" was a thing, I was using a trial version of Sony Vegas and loved it and then my trial period ran out and I decided that I hated Windows Live Movie Maker. With a passion. So for a while I've been wanting a replacement and lo and behold, for Christmas Josh got me Sony Vegas. :)

So, since Christmas, I've been wanting something to edit, something to test it out on and then today, when I was going through my pictures, I remembered I'd filmed a little bit of the question and answer session at Westfields with the Doctor Who cast. So there was me, footage and software, so I thought, why not? Why shouldn't I test out the new software with this footage?

Now I remember why.... The footage is VERY shakey, has rubbish colour, doesn't cover much of the Q&A (I somehow managed to film all the bits where they were talking about River Song and NOTHING ELSE) and I don't really have much of a clue how to use Vegas. I mean, it was ages ago I used it for the lessthanthreenerds stuff.

So, in short it was a flop. A rather big flop; and my conclusion is:

1) I need lessons
2) I need a better camera
3) I need to shake less when filming stuff...
4) I need to appreciate that when they say it's going on youtube, it's going on youtube...
5) I need more lessthanthreenerds stuff to practice on or something similar

However, I'll put my poorly edited video here. You can criticize it, give me tips, tell me to leave the editing to Matt all you want.

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  1. Which Sony Vegas. There are several.

  2. All I have to edit videos is Movie Maker

  3. i'm losing track of the number of people who've started using Vegas on my say-so. i can think of four off the top of my head, and there might be others that i've forgotten. i'm getting good at this spreading-mind-viruses thing!

  4. Sony Vegas HD Platinum 11.0

    Yay for mind viruses! lol. Then again, ANYTHING is better than Windows Live Movie Maker. Yuck.