Friday, 6 January 2012

Competitive Streak

I'm competitive. Really competitive. I won't go down without a fight and I have to admit I'm not always the best of losers. I mean, I'm a lot better than I was at 7 but then I have learnt that it's not considered polite to start crying and screaming if someone beats you in a game. Sorry about that Mum and Dad :/

I remember in year 2 when my competitiveness stretched to the world of work. We used to have these maths work books that we would go through and as you got further through, the ticks on the back indicating which questions you had done would fill up and once all the boxes were filled, we could go on to the next workbook. I think these workbooks started earlier than year 2 but it was year two when the competitiveness really kicked in. Me and at least one other girl were noticeably further through the workbook series than the rest of our class and, at least from my perspective, it became a battle to see who could finish the workbooks first. As the year drew to a close, I came closer and closer to the very last available workbook and by no means was I going to let her overtake. I can't remember who finished first but I do remember that ridiculously strong desire to be first.

I think sports is the one exception to my competitiveness. Probably because 1. I find it so dull and 2. I suck at sport. With sport I quite often went to the opposite extreme and still do occasionally. I know I'm rubbish so I would barely try at all, do the bare minimum, and scrape through. I wouldn't want to try really hard and only come second so why try at all?

I'd like to think that I've grown out of this; or at least grown out of it enough. I no longer avoid doing something because I think I'll be rubbish, I generally at least have a go and I'm much more prepared to put in effort without the knowledge that there is a chance of being first. Sure, if there's a chance of being first, I'm going to strive for it but what harm has that ever done anyone? It encourages people to keep going. However, I think, in some cases, knowing where you rank isn't at all helpful. It puts off those who know they have no chance and can lead to those with a chance fighting for first. Sure, it can help some strive to be their best but their best doesn't always correlate with someone else's best.

I think what I'm trying to say is, I feel a bit bad blogging loads while my competitors are all sleeping. I want to just leave the last post and see what happens but the competitive part of me wants me to keep going, keep blogging and not let anyone else win. Maybe I'll blog once more before I sleep, maybe I won't. I mean, I'll quite happily stay awake for another hour knowing me and I haven't got anything in particular to get up for in the morning. I suppose, if I am going to do a last blog, I'll have to make it count, make it worth it, and make it long. Heck, I'm not going to cheat with some short waffle of a couple of lines that anyone could cobble together. If I win I want to win in style.

So now to see if inspiration or sleep comes first...

Live long and keep posting =]

"First 12 for '12" Status: 11 down, 1 to go
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Latest music listened to: Hey Beautiful by The Solids which is apparently the How I Met Your Mother's full theme song
Latest edible item eaten/drunk: A glass of milk
Predominant colour of current clothing: Grey mainly with bits of blue. Yup, I have exciting pyjamas...
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  1. Well, apparently inspiration came first...

  2. I am far too Competitive

  3. all 12 posts within 60 hours was definitely not what i had in mind. i think we need to come up with an alternative challenge structure that will offer greater rewards for regularity. now, i wonder if we could apply all this energy to something else, e.g. writing a webcomic (which i still think you should try, btw)?