Thursday, 5 January 2012


One thing I've noticed with all this excessive blogging and consequently excessive comment writing, is that those little "I am human" verification words are ridiculous. I mean utterly bonkers. I understand why they're there (however annoying they are) and I get that making them real words might mean word recognising software can understand it or something but blogger seems to have this weird half-way place between "random mix of consonants and numbers" and "real words" where all the letter combinations have enough vowels to be pronounceable but not at all logical.

For example: 'fedne' Most definitely not a word. (Wait, I feel like I should officially check.. *types it into google* well... results but officially not a real word.) Most verifications would give you F3dN7gY or something equally unpleasant on the eyes but blogger, well, every now and then, their choice of verification word amuses me...

It's like a geek but less intelligent and more gawking. Well, an ex gawking geek...

It's how a northerner might say 'Gracie'

First word this reminds me of? Intron. Yup, say hi to the science geek.

This should be the new rofl. Or something...

A kind inteliegent fib?

I feel like this is actually a real foreign word....

Maybe this is what I'd call my version of Facebook if I ever made one... Or say the new version of Facebook was called Sparkle or something then this is what you call it when your friend uses and abuses your loggin

This one is just fun to say...

I feel like this should become a word. Not quite sure what for but either something cuddle related or to do with handles....

Oh, and yes I did just spend an age refreshing a comment.... But seriously, the number of times I've been amused by one of these and laughed and then looked around going "no one is around and not even the internet will understand..." So I've decided to just throw it at you anyway...

Live long and keep posting =]

"First 12 for '12" Status: 7 down, 5 to go
Latest book read: Bible/Inheritance
Latest film/TV watched: Young James Herriot
Latest music listened to: The Sound of Drums - Chameleon Circuit
Latest edible item eaten/drunk: dinner - concluded with a chocolate biscuit...
Predominant colour of current clothing: Blue. As usual
Programs and web pages currently open: Chrome - HanNav v1.0, blogger - Windows Media Player, Windows Live Mail, Sticky Notes, Steam, Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0, Skype


  1. hm... short post, but you can have some bonus points for the humour =]

    i'm so far behind now it's ridiculous 8p

  2. Apparently some of them are real words from old manuscripts, that OCR software can't recognizance, so it uploads it to places like youtube for real people to work out.

  3. this things are really annoying when you are trying to post a comment.

  4. What Tim said ^^ :P

    But Kifib sounds like it will be delicious with some Pitta