Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Doctor, The Witch and the... wait...

So, for the life of me I can't remember the proper title of the Doctor Who Christmas special without looking it up but regardless, I thought it was great. Full of Christmassyness, aliens, snow and the right sad/happy balance for Christmas. It was nice. Which is good for Christmas.

I think what I liked most about the episode was the lack of "I AM FAMOUS" when it came to choosing the guest actors. Even if it did contain Bill Bailey, Alexander Armstrong and 'the mother from outnumbered' who I keep forgetting the name of. It felt more like they were chosen for their acting abilities rather than the novelty of having them on there *cough Kylie Minogue* and it was refreshing. I don't think we've properly had that since the first Christmas Special. (The End of Time part 1 doesn't count in my opinion because that doesn't really feel much like a Christmas episode, it is very much a 'goodbye 10' episode... or the first part of a the finale of a very short but stretched out series... anyway...)

I think this Christmas special was possibly one of my favourite. The Christmas Invasion still remains my favourite, and last year had a fantastic plot but this year felt more homely, more Christmas-y. Then again, I'm still not sure where it stands compared to my previous choice of second favourite Christmas special: The Runaway Bride.

I don't want to be all spoiler-y and I think I'd have to re-watch the episode for a better review however I do have a few questions for next year:

1- Are we going to continue with the theme of using book titles as episode titles?
2- Is the lack of emphasis on famous actors going to be kept up?
3- Will any kids in next year's special be more easily scared?!

Live long and keep posting =]

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  1. When I saw the trailer for that I thought "The C.S.Lewis Estate is going to have a Lawsuit Field Day".

  2. "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe"

    i liked it better than any of the Moff's episodes in Series 6 (unless you count Christmas Carol as being "episode 6.00"), and I'd probably put it in the top 2 or 3 Christmas Specials, but for my money it still didn't top "The Pandorica Opens" for the accolade of the best 11th-Doctor story.

  3. My favourite 11th Doctor story is Luther - Oh Wait that is a completly different TV Show all together, Luther is Fantastic.

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  5. Oh... I hadn't realised that the head fuel guy was Angelina Jolie.