Friday, 6 January 2012

Try before you buy

I was just fiddling about on Spotify (Josh's account is logged in or I wouldn't have it at all) and I was thinking about something someone mentioned in a vlog a while back. Most things in life you get to try before you buy. Cars you get to take for a test run, houses you get to look around and imagine your stuff in, clothes you get to try on, with YouTube and Spotify you get to listen to music before you decide on properly buying it, even if it hasn't been played on the radio, TV shows you watch before you decide to get the box set (Primeval series 5 is the exception but that's a different story) and laptops, phones, tablets, there is a whole array of test devices out in shops for you to play with before you even consider whether you need one.

However, with films, that's not the case. Sure, you get the trailer and reviews but you buy the theatre ticket before you've even seen the adverts at the beginning or collected your choice of confectionery. You could argue you're paying for the experience but if I'm honest, sitting in a darkened room at home even just in front of my laptop is just as good. I don't have to leave the house (well, except to obtain the film unless it's on iPlayer or something) and I don't have kids whispering, popcorn under my feet where the cleaners have failed, the occasional late comer or that awkwardly tall guy in front of me. The film is what you see on the screen and unlike music or TV, you don't get to try before you buy.

I guess that's partly why I rarely go to the cinema. I either have to be watching an adaptation of a book, have many many positive reviews, or have my ticket being paid for me. It also explains why I don't tend to buy a DVD unless it costs less than a cinema ticket or I've already seen it in the cinema so I know it's good and that I will want to see it again (Narnia being an example here although as my sister also likes them I've been unable to take them to university.)

Saying this, there are actually a few films I'm looking forward to seeing. Then again, any number above 1 is quite a few when it comes to films I actively want to see with me. Firstly, The Hunger Games. I'm actually quite excited about this because the trailer looks awesome and I loved the books. Admittedly, it being an adaptation means it's open for me to shout at the screen going "THAT WASN'T IN THE BOOK!" or "[insert character here] DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THAT!" or even "THAT'S NOT HOW THE QUOTE GOES!" but I actually find I rather perversely enjoy doing that...

The other film I'm looking forward to is a new Star Trek film. I loved the most recent film adaptation and actually bought it on DVD and have watched it multiples times and I enjoyed watching one of the older films too (although I can remember less than I'd like to about it: Josh, we need to re-watch it). I have no idea when it's meant to be out but I do know three things about the new film. 1 - Benedict Cumberbatch is in it as a bad guy; 2 - The guy who played Mickey in Doctor Who is in it; 3 - The same actors are coming back to play the roles of Spock and Kirk. Those two things plus the fact that it's Star Trek means it's probably going to be great although I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch....

Live long and keep posting =]

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  1. I can try many cars before I buy them Test Drive Unlimited 2 on my PS3

  2. benedict cumberbatch is good... but on t'other hand i still haven't forgiven them for putting that black hole in the middle of Vulcan in the last film, so i'm afraid i won't be shelling out any cash to see the next Star Trek in any format whatsoever.