Thursday, 5 January 2012

I still live in London. London is still cool.

So, living in London, I've been trying to make the most of it. Get to as many things as possible, experience the fantastic opportunities London provides (excluding every single club and drunken night out) and just generally having a good time. I may have been slacking in keeping my blog up to date with all the cool things I've been doing but I have been keeping my scrapbook up to date. Keeping tickets, train tickets, sticking in photos, obtaining as many signatures as possible, you know, the normal things...

As you know, one of the first things I did when I arrived in London was visit the Globe Theatre and meet Arthur Darvil however I've done much more since then and here are a few that I have in picture form...

Early on in the term, I went to a book signing with Josh and met the wonderful but utterly mad Maureen Johnson and listened to her talk about her book "The Name of the Star". It was great to actually meet this prolific twitterer and I highly recommend her book. It may have been because of her book that I decided to take my Dad on a Jack the Ripper tour for his birthday in November without getting bored at all. Maybe a little grossed out and reminded of just how close to Jack the Ripper's hunting grounds my uni accommodation is but we had a fantastic guide.

 I've also been going to a number of radio recordings. The Now Show and Mark Watson's Live Address to the Nation to be specific but I would have been to more if I'd had the time or the tickets. I also went to a comedy club thing near Oxford Circus where the Now Show's Mitch Benn was taking part in the musical comedy shenanigans and hopefully the lack of evening lectures next term (I think... I hope..) Will mean there will be fewer clashes and I can go to more with Rosanna, starting with January!

Talking of Rosanna, when she came to my end of London, we had a rather Who-filled day. This included visiting the Who Shop (the same place where the Chameleon Circuit signing was held in the summer) and spending way too much time and money there and still wanting to buy more, eating fish fingers and custard (see, I'm totally doing a good job of feeding myself at university...) and playing an epic game of Doctor Who monopoly. Somehow Josh got both the TARDIS and Galifrey and started building on them to bankrupt us all, well, at least Rosanna who landed on both in quick succession.

Talking of Doctor Who, a mere few days after the day of Whovianness with Rosanna, I went to Westfields for something a hundredfold more awesome than shopping: a Doctor Who signing and Q&A session. I've been wanted to mention this for a while actually but the fact that I got Josh a signed series 6 for Christmas due to this event, I've been keeping it a bit hush.
However... look who I met! Even if ever so briefly and the silly body guards made it impossible for me to actually have a photo with them... Also, I met a fellow Nerdfighter and Chameleon Circuit fan there. Then again, I couldn't miss him considering he was wearing his Chameleon Circuit t-shirt. Oh how I love Nerdfighteria.

 So, I'm loving London, as you can tell, and, as I think there is enough Who-ness to last you a while, I think I'll save my return to the Doctor Who Experience and the Doctor Who Christmas special for another post.

Live long and keep posting =]


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  1. Have you ever seen the big Dr. Who exhibition down in Cardiff?

  2. No, I haven't. But if I ever go to Cardiff, that is most certainly (and has been for a while) on my list!!

  3. This is not Doctor Who. This is just some wacky spin off claiming to be Doctor Who.

  4. How is Josh? he does not keep in touch. Oh I lost his New Mobile Number could you possibly ask him to send it to me, Thanks.

  5. sounds fun. now if we could only get you to blog about these things on a more... uh... *steady* basis...

    oh, and was that a Darlan cameo i just spotted?

  6. Yup, a Darlan cameo. However I don't think BBC noticed...

    Haha, I don't do steady when it comes to blogging! Or maybe I just don't like losing...