Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Fort Paradox Returns!!

Yesterday, Fort Paradox, a cross continuity web comic run by MattTim and Sarah, for which I am occasionally allowed to draw, started up again in all its confusingly wonderful glory.

The first post back is actually one of the "Behind the Scenes" posts that have been going up on Tuesdays and this particular one returns with a plan of part of the Fort.

This caught my eye as there is one bit of concept art missing from the post. Yup, and the reason is that it was drawn by Matt on the back of the script for an episode I was in the process of drawing back at Roothill 2011. I actually have the simple (and slightly scruffy...) pen drawing stuck up on my wall at uni and I thought I'd share it with you in the light of the most recent post on Fort Paradox. Admittedly, it looks like a hand-drawn version of on of the diagrams, nevertheless, here it is:

I hope, if you don't already read Fort Paradox, this will wet your appetite and encourage you to head over to and catch up on the back story before the webcomic begins reposting actual episodes.

Live long and keep posting =]


  1. y'know, when i was doing the digital drawing i thought it seemed familiar, but i didn't actually remember about this version until you posted it here. says bad things about my memory, doesn't it 8p

    anywho, thank ye for the reminder, and for the plug =]

  2. I don't know what Fort Paradox is and I don't look at it because I don't know what it is and what the backstory is so I may not understand it.

    Please could you explain to me what Fort Paradox is?

    1. Well, go to, go to the blog archive, find the first post, read, be enlighten. 8]

    2. in short: tim and i both write other webcomics, and Fort Paradox is a crossover story where characters from both of our other comics get together and do wacky stuff. the backstory is at and