Monday, 27 September 2010


As a self confessed nerd, most people know my ability to quote Doctor Who with no warning and my tendency to refer to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or do the Nerdfighter sign in the middle of the school corridor. However, I may have met my match in Josh.
We have proposed to have a nerd-off. From 8am Wednesday we will be scribbling down nerdy quotes without reference to nerd-sources and seeking to find the best nerd-quoter. By 10pm on Thursday, our blogs must be presented, ready for you, our “loyal” readers to comment and decide who is the nerdiest.

Some pointers with voting: accuracy and ability to reference the source should earn extra ‘points’ and maybe variety too. Nerd-quotes can originate from a whole range of sources including the realm of Nerdfighteria. (So, Terrie, you might need to help judge on that bit.)

Now, get ready for a long list of quotes appearing on your computer screens and get ready to vote!!

“So long, and thanks for all the fish.”


  1. Its time for a Nerd war! And like nerds, we fight with words, not fists!

    You are so going down!

  2. 'without reference to nerd-sources' meaning your 'Doctor Who Shooting Scripts 2005' must remain closed on the bookshelf, right?

    i'll grab some popcorn and make sure i've got a comfy chair for thursday night, so i can properly enjoy the show :)

  3. Yeah, has to stay on the shelf! Although the unofficial rule is that you can read/watch nerdy things during that time but any quotes in those things cannot be added to the list until at least an hour after watching/reading said nerdy thing. And no looking up quotes on google! Not even to check how they go because extra points for accuracy :)