Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I don’t know (A note from my friend Beth)

I’m sitting in a barn, on a lumpy sofa, writing a blog. It’s a rare occasion that I ever blog but I guess Hannah’s every-present influence over the past few days has re-kindled the old flame so to speak.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have learnt a number of things, but perhaps most important is that nothing happens by chance or luck or whatever you want to call it. Don’t get me wrong, I knew this already, but the last few weeks have really re-iterated this in my mind. And it’s an amazing thing really, that God is behind every little thing that happens. For example, on Tuesday, I got my GCSE results, and whilst the majority of my friends/peers/acquaintances were stressing out, I was only excited at the prospect of finding out rather than nervous. For I knew, whatever I got, god was behind it; God had planned it and God would fit it into his plan for me.

And so, my title, which I chose at the time because I really didn’t know what to write, is rather fitting because I don’t know, I don’t know anything that will happen in my life, what I will do, where I will live etc. But the great thing is, God does, and that is far more comforting than it being down to luck.

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  1. I do not know what lies ahead,
    The way I cannot see,
    yet one stands near to be my guide,
    He'll show the way to me.

    I know who holds the future
    And He'll guide me with His hand
    With God things don't just happen,
    Everything by Him is planned,
    So as I face tomorrow,
    With its problems large and small,
    I'll trust the God of miracles,
    Give to Him my all.

    I do not know how many days
    Of life are mine to spend,
    But one who knows and cares for me
    Will keep me to the end.

    I do not know the course ahead,
    What joys and griefs are there.
    But one stands near who fully knows,
    I'll trust His loving care.