Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Grace and Caffeine [Part II]

Here are the other ones I really liked.

If you go back and read the note from my friend Beth, this one is oh so true. Reinforcing my "Trust God, you idiot" policy.
This is why we have to deal with the problems at the root!

This is an awesome analogy but I'd also like to add this: we're also incapable of getting that dish clean.

So need to be reminded of this. Heaven is where the true  treasure is.

Now this truly is a bargain we don't deserve.

I complain way too much. I think I tread a fine line when I claim it's stating an opinion or mentioning facts.

Nothing beats singing in the dark with a group of other Christians. Whether it's around a bonfire or on a midnight walk.
This can be a problem. Although, without being big-headed, I prefer thought out, cheap gifts to more expensive, materialistic ones. Although that could create another form of materialism...

It's a legitimate question. We just don't know what heaven will be like. It is certainly unimaginable!
Not that I like tea... But it's so true. 'Christians' who don't believe in Christ or don't put his death central are missing the point.
I just very much liked this one. You can't argue with God, however much we like to think we can.
Someone remind me to try this next Easter!
Exactly how I felt after Roothill! (That's the bonus of Easter with Crowborough: bonus of actual rooms instead of tents!)
The truth in this one actually saddens me. Although I think some churches have it worse than others.
I just liked this one for the Doctor Who reference =)
And this one for the sheep... (oh, and if you don't get it, hint: it was made in December.)

This one made me laugh. It's silly how true it is!

 Before I was baptised, I was very scared of breathing at the wrong time. Obviously, I had nothing to worry about. Despite being called 'baptismal classes' it's really the Christian life they're helping you prepare for and helping you with. Any church that doesn't do them before baptisms should definitely start them. I know they were a big help to me. Oh, and the image? I thought it was funny too.

 Cheesy but oh, so true. We might not understand why God let the government be how it is, but God planned it. We just have to be patient to find out why.

 The funny thing is, I've seen so many microphones get so close to getting soaked. That would really detract from the actual baptism!

I couldn't ignore the very last one! Plus, it's inspired me to doodle more meaningful things. Maybe next time I'll go for something Biblical rather than a SockPup, or Flewingo...

Thank you very much Matt! All the credit goes to you!

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  1. wow... now that's what i call feedback! really glad you liked them, and it was very interesting reading your thoughts on / interpretations of them.