Thursday, 9 September 2010

Crazy Aunt Purl

Almost everyone who’s been at my school for a good length of time knows that our head of sixth form loves cats. I mean, absolutely adores cats. Her office is full of cute cat pictures (in the spaces where there aren’t pictures of her family), as an art teacher, she uses cats as examples often, and many informative emails sent out to us sixth-formers contain cat references or pictures.

A little earlier today, I received one such email. It had this photograph at the bottom:

Normally, I’d just smile and make a mental note to do whatever the email said before deleting. However, this time I clicked on the photograph. I’m not sure why, and I have no idea what I was expecting. Probably just for the image to appear larger in a different screen.

However, a blog entitled “Crazy Aunt Purl” popped up and I’m now left wondering whether I have found what our head of sixth form does when surfing the net. (It would also explain where she gets all the cat pictures from.) OR, maybe, this is actually her own blog. Not that she’s called Purl but that may be to protect her identity. Either way, it made me smile and I like to share with you things that make me smile.

“So long, and thanks for all the fish”

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