Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Procrastination 101

  1. Make sure you have an important task that you should really be doing
  2. Moan about just how much you don't want to do said important task
  3. Turn on the computer and load the internet
  4. Check YouTube, iPlayer, ITV player, blogger, email, twitter, dailybooth, facebook, any other internet thing you're signed up to
  5. Once you're up to date with all the videos, TV episodes, blogs and web comics you follow, go back and re-read or re-watch a few
  6. Keep clicking on "recommended video" links on YouTube until you've watched most of the recommended videos
  7. Discover a new YouTuber and watch some of their videos
  8. Have a look in the recommended areas of iPlayer and ITV player to see if there is anything worth watching
  9. Even if there isn't anything worth watching, watch something anyway
  10. Check the film section to see if there are any films you fancy watching
  11. Set up your computer/laptop to use that spare screen off the old computer that doesn't get used much
  12. Have fun fiddling with the settings for the second screen
  13. See if there are any DVDs laying about nearby (particularly if they're films or Doctor Who episodes) and watch them
  14. Empty the "sent" folder on your phone
  15. Empty the "sent", "junk" and "deleted" folders in your emails
  16. Reply to your friend's email
  17. Check back on YouTube and all the other sites just in case something new has been put up
  18. Spam dailybooth with photos
  19. Spam twitter with tweets
  20. Have a look through the facebook live feed, 'like'ing and commenting on posts
  21. Spend half an hour deciding how to re-lace your shoes (spend even longer on it if they're new shoes)
  22. Text a friend
  23. Get out the things you need for this important task and arrange them ready
  24. Tidy your desk a little so you can rearrange the set up of your computer/laptop
  25. Write a blog post
  26. Make a new playlist including things you haven't listened to for ages
  27. Listen to the playlist
  28. Check back on youtube and everything once again
  29. Watch Wheezy Waiter do handstands
  30. Watch a video by the guy you subscribed to mainly for his accent...
  31. Re-watch "The Eleventh Hour" for the third time
  32. Think about revising before repeating this list a few more times.
  33. Realise that the important thing need to be done in the next week or so
  34. Do a little work towards it
  35. Repeat the list again
  36. Realise the deadline is very very close and panic
  37. Remember the words of Douglas Adams and take a few deep breaths before getting on and doing the job last minute!


·         Latest book read: Still reading "Friends Like These" I should really finish it.
·         Latest film/TV/ watched: Currently watching The Eleventh Hour. Yes, I've done most of the things on the list!
·         Latest music listened to: Mike Lombardo - This Time Tomorrow
·         Latest food/sweets/whatever eaten: A Chocolate (I bet you would have never guessed!)
·         Programs and web pages currently open: In Google Chrome:
Alien PresidentSnails: Brothers in shellsCylinder and MiserableFort ParadoxThe application page for a Doctor Who exhibition pilot, Matt's Blog, (the usual offenders! sorry, the usual delights!), Blogger in draft: new post, BBC iPlayer - The Eleventh Hour, Windows Live Mail,  Windows Media Player, 


  1. good list on the whole, but you left out 'check for upgrades to your favourite open-source sofware, then download and install if applicable', 'admire the plasterwork on your ceiling' and 'eat more jaffa cakes'.

    for my part, i can't do the facebook bit any more, but i have an alternative: 'go to a secret place in your documents folder and read webcomic episodes that nobody else will be able to see for several months', or 'open your secret notepad and re-read your script ideas for webcomic episodes that haven't even been made yet'. that's always fun.

    nice to see i've been upgraded from 'offender' status at last =]

  2. if i've got the maths right, this is the one hundred and *fifth-seventh* post on this blog. am very scared now!