Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Have I won?? - collective ramblings that don't quite make up a whole post each

I don't get how Matt can just leave his blog knowing that one more blog, another collection of words, phrases and maybe a picture, and he's won. Finito. I don't know whether it's my competitive nature or whether I'm just a bad loser. (Don't ever get my parents started on stories about my hatred of losing when I was younger. Apparently I'd throw a tantrum every time I lost a game but I promise I'm not quite that bad any more.) The idea that at any moment, Matt could bring together a collection of words and post them as his 11th 'First 11 of '11' means I can't just leave my posts on number 10.

However, I now have to make this into a meaningful post or Matt won't accept it... So, I've had a couple of ideas for blogs but I haven't really worked out how to expand them beyond the tweet-worthy length or at least beyond a paragraph. Maybe making this into a 'scrapbook blog' except without many pictures would work?

The other day, I was finishing a coke with ice and I thought, "What's the right thing to do with the ice cubes left over at the bottom?" Usually I just crunch them and think nothing of it but it was the interval at a Punt and Dennis show (this may end up getting a blog of it's own, we'll see) and I wasn't sure whether I should crunch the ice cubes whilst in a public place. Me being me, I crunched them anyway but really, what is the right thing to do? What do other people do? I don't like to let them melt into the drink as it waters down whatever it is I'm drinking and letting them melt at the end takes too long and also it's such a measly amount of water in the end, it doesn't feel quite right. Anyway, I tend to forget about them if I leave them and that brings us onto just leaving them which is my least favourite option. I've paid for the drink, I'm not going to not salvage every little bit and also, knowing me I'd manage to spill the melting ice cubes somewhere. Yes, this is one of the many menial things I end up thinking about instead of doing something productive.

On a totally unrelated topic, Matt's blogs (particularly the paintings) are making me want to do some painting or drawing. I did GCSE art and I love painting and drawing and such but since I didn't have enough options to take it for A level, I also haven't really had the time to spread out my painting things on my desk or do a whole picture. Sure, I've done the occasional doodle in class but that's not really the same. They end up being done primarily in Biro and highlighter and of a rather cartoon nature or of really odd mythical creatures. Well, creatures from my very odd brain. I need a nice time to sit down when I'm in the right mood and when I'm not getting distracted by the Internet or movies or anything like that. Free time, free time, where for art thou free time?

Also, exams. Getting so close and I really should be revising. There's that horrible dilemma where you know you should be revising, you know revising is the sensible option, but there is that little, niggly bit at the back of your mind that says 'failing when you haven't revise is better than failing when you have revised'. Of course, that niggle totally forgets about the fact that revising decreases the chance of failing but who said niggles are good at logic?

So, I'm still at school and it's now lunch so now would be a good time to disappear. I'm hungry and I like my food...

So, Matt, did I win?? =)



Latest book read: Still reading "Friends Like These" I should REALLY REALLY finish it.
Latest film/TV/ watched: The Time of Angels (It was on iPlayer... I got distracted)
Latest music listened to: Ministry of Magic - Lily (Ok, I don't get the references but I like the music! I think wrock needs it's own blog...)
Latest food/sweets/whatever eaten: White chocolate and raspberry birthday cake in mentor
Programs and web pages currently open: In Internet Explorer (because I'm at school):Blogger in draft: new post. youtube

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  1. point-by-point:

    1) a 'collection of words' wouldn't necessarily do - we had a 'substantial and meaningful' clause, and i hadn't got round to thinking of something i could ramble about in a meaningful way. hence leaving it on 10.

    2) thanks to your mention of 'losing a game' in your opening paragraph, i just lost The Game. thanks. but here's my revenge: i'll leave a comment about it so you lose too! Muahaha! served cold B]

    3) speaking of cold, i have no fixed policy for dealing with ice cubes in drinks. i usually eat some, but rarely all. i'm tempted to go back and watch the Pizza Hut footage now just to see if i can find any on-camera evidence of your thing for ice cubes.

    4) re: doodles in class, that brings back traumatic memories of final-year media theory, which drifted off into marxism, postmodernism and other things which i'd rather forget. i got really antagonistic about the whole module, and it led to some very gripey doodles in the margins of the handouts, including one page with a sketch of Cylinder the Cylinder annotated "Cylinder is here! this page just got infinitely better", and then on a later sheet the note "Cylinder has declined to appear on this page". and it also lead to me claiming the teacher didn't exist - but that was during a session on postmodernism, and he did kinda invite it.

    5) i'm told 'wherefore' actually means 'why', not 'where' - which is a bit counterintuitive, but then who said Ye Olde Englishe was ever intuitive?

    6) all the best with the revision =]

    7) so... it looks like you won. congratulations. but at least i gave you a run for your money, no?