Friday, 30 July 2010

Also in my room I found...

Following on from my previous post, I also found a number of things that I can only share with you by scanning them in.
This is an old, used dingbats sheet. I think it's from some church youth thing quite a few years ago. I think it inspired my love of dingbats; even if I hardly ever get to indulge this love!

This is part of an envelope that contained one of my birthday cards this year. I liked my friend's doodles so much I didn't really want to get rid of it! I think the original may be destined for my scrapbook now.
Another of my lesson time doodles. This was in history so you can tell I needed the summer holidays!
This one is the result of a chemistry lesson no doubt as the blue pen was most definitely Maryam's addition and not mine!
A mini little thing from the back of last year's Doctor Who calender. Aah, we miss you Tennant.
I made this when I was in year one or two and it's haunted my room ever since. I don't really know what to do with it but I also really don't want to throw it away. Any ideas what I should do with this sentimental piece of paper?

If you're having trouble reading this then click on it to enlarge it but basically it's the sheet we got given for one of the wide games on camp. Not only did we have to find the leaders and get them to pose for some of these captions but we also had to find some willing members of the public. Although one man refused we did get a nice bus driver to pose for us as well as a very nice couple who were really sweet about letting us photograph them. I would share some of the photos with you but they weren't taken on my camera so I don't have the saved anywhere. If you weren't there then you'll just have to take this piece of paper as evidence of the awesomeness.
This are the plans for a stop motion video I had to create as part of my ICT coursework at GCSE. I think the final thing got deleted or is festering away somewhere in a folder in my school files. If I ever find it I promise to show you but I think it got lost in a digital spring clean.

When I do some painting, I tend to dish out my acrylics on these little squares of card. Quite often, I have a little paint left and I spread that over the rest of the square. These two I decorated when the paint was dry. I have no idea why and it's not like they have any purpose. Maybe they'll go in my scrapbook but I'm not sure.
The is one of two versions of a monster I created to enter a competition for Primeval. Obviously, I didn't win but I think the counterpart is in my scrapbook and I still really want to re-watch the Primeval series. I was on the ITV website for Primeval and they didn't have a character profile for Stephen Hart! I think that in itself requires a re-watch of the first season at least.

These are a few, very tiny print outs of some pictures I'd taken. I'm not sure if they were printed for part of my GCSE coursework or whether they almost got put in my scrapbook. Although the size suggests my scrapbook.

This last little picture is the outside of the program for my mum's cousin's wedding. It was far too pretty to just throw away!
When clearing out I also found:
- A photocopy of an article from a Creation magazine called 'A Tale of Two Fleas'
- Plans to extend a short story I wrote for GCSE into a full length novel. (If I ever get the time!)
- A number of notebooks
- And a lot of dust!

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