Friday, 30 July 2010

In my room I found...

Today, I finally tidied up my room. Although the majority of the stuff was old school stuff and school work, I did find a few old things that made me smile. So, I thought I’d share some of the things I found with you.

First, I found this sheet of paper with a few websites on. I have no idea why I’ve got them or why there is a little pencil note under it saying “?Newspaper ?Day Room” in handwriting that I don’t think is mine. So, let’s see what these websites are! – Oooh! It’s some sort of conversion website; converting YouTube videos and files and that sort of thing. Looks like it might be some help in the future. – I have decided that this will be my survival website for university. You type in the stuff you have in the cupboards and it tells you what you can make out of it! Whole meals with clear directions: who says I’ll need to learn to cook?! – I think this is some sort of site where you can find alternatives to various computer programs. No idea why I have this written down as this isn’t really any help to me. Odd. – Again, not sure why I have this written down; it’s some sort of travel site to tell you what’s going on. You select a date and they tell you the place, that sort of thing. – A site where you can ‘create and share unlimited 30-second videos for free.’ Quite a cool concept but you have to pay for longer videos.

Next in my pile of things I found: “Things learnt from: Doctor Who”

- There’s always a choice
- Stay near the door
- It’s not impossible... just unlikely
- Wind up mice make good distractions
- You can tell a lot from smells
- The Doctor and Donna are NOT together
- If a fat man who doesn’t usually like being touched because of a ‘skin condition’ asks for a private talk, politely decline before he absorbs you
- Meeting the Doctor often changes your life; do you want to be the person dating a paving slab?!

I also found a piece of paper with a variety of long words. I think this was from one of the focus days at school. ‘Oxymoron’, ‘diatribe’, ‘ubiquitous’, ‘juxtaposition’, ‘inscrutable’, and ‘rebarbative’ the words on the front next to pictures that are supposedly meant to explain the words. On the back is some sort of description: “Wonderful view, vegetarian friendly, detachable double beds, (no alcohol) naturally heated pool + rooms surrounded by early riser friendly, countryside, * cosy bar.” I have no idea at all what this is meant for! Ideas?

Another discovery was a page entitled ‘love’ with heart doodles around the edge and love related sentences filling the rest of the page in cursive handwriting. I have a feeling I’ve put them on my Facebook before but I’ll share them again:

Falling in love is just that: falling...

It takes patience to find the guy who will catch you with open arms and never let you go...

“I could sit for hours finding new ways to be awed each minute...”

Sometimes love is hard to find and you have to wait for it to come and find you.

Love is one thing we will never truly understand, but we still long to experience it.

Falling in love hurts more when the guy who caught you then drops you off the cliff you have climbed together.

Then the lion fell in love with the lamb because in fantasy, anything can happen.

The higher you climb in a relationship, the more it hurts when you fall off.

Your perfect match is out there somewhere but they may not be the Prince Charming you were looking for; keep your mind open for finding the beast who will love his Beauty.

Love isn’t just romantic memories, it is wanting to spend forever with your best friend and companion with those few special bonuses tagged on the end!

It’s not just finding the right person, but finding them at the right time.
Another nugget of memories that I think I’ve shared with you before is the Tleep rhyme that my friend Jemma wrote for my birthday. This time, I think I’ll share with you a scan of it rather than just typing it up.

I also discovered some other things but I think I’ll leave those for another blog...

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