Tuesday, 13 July 2010

And finally... no, wait, this is not the end

I know this is a bit late (OMgosh! I’m turning into Terrie!) but this is the last EVER DFTBA Terrie blog challenge. I’m going to have to make it epic. So amazingly awesome that Terrie will faint in amazement and you will all petition her to not punish me for being a few days late. You see, it seems weird to think that this is the end: no more titles, no more compulsory blogs... (At least until I get given a new challenge.) This has to be good. So good you’ll be giving me a standing ovation and linking all your friends here.

* Time passes whilst trying to think of something...*

The thing is I’m not sure how to make this awesome. Maybe if I break it down a bit. Starting with a list of awesome things (in no particular order):

- YouTube
- Rubik’s Cubes
- Vets
- Friends
- Twitter
- DFTBA records
- Charlieissocoollike, Nerimon, Vlogbrothers, all the other YouTubers I’m subscribed to
- Doctor Who
- David Tennant
- Computers
- Mobile Phones
- Tetris
- Solitaire
- Music
- Summer Holidays
- Camps
- Pianos
- ...

This isn’t really helping. *Puts thinking cap back on*

I was sort of hoping this blog would fall on my 100th blog. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. I’m ten blogs short but as I have a special(ish) blog planned for that I can assure you that, although Terrie’s Challenge is ending, my blogs are not. I also have another blogged planned in the style of Charlieissocoollike’s Wine Gum experiment however that requires time, money, and the ability to bring home ten (or more if they’re on offer) packs of Randoms without eating them.

I really enjoy blogging and I think if Terrie hadn’t given me this challenge I may have given up blogging. However, I have filled one and a half notebooks with blog drafts (and they’re just the ones that I don’t type straight up) and I’m counting down in single figures to my 100th blog. It still amazes me that I actually get people reading this (even if it’s just through Facebook). I really don’t want to give up and I don’t want to end up stopping when I get to 100. I would love it if you gave me suggestions for new challenges, even if it seems like a silly suggestion or is only one blog long. I can always combine them!

Either way, thank you for reading and I’ll end in the words of Trock:

“We’ve reached the end, but this is not the final curtain. In fact I’m almost certain, a new world’s opening for me...”

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