Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Weird Things

Weird thing #1: Bloglessness
Despite it now being the summer holidays, I have blogged less frequently than I did during exams. It’s not like I haven’t had the time or the opportunities to access the computer, or even fewer ideas (I have a number of those lined up!) Maybe it’s because blogging feels too much like being productive. Maybe because, once I’ve blogged I’m a step closer to having to do serious work. Maybe I’ve spent too much time reading other people’s blogs because of Blog Every Day in August (BEDA) and just being too lazy to contribute myself. Either way, I’m sorry. I’ll try harder.

Weird Thing #2: Work Experience
Yesterday, I went to work with my Dad for work experience. (When I get round to it, there should be a more detailed account on my work experience blog. But that may be a lost cause.) I wasn’t with my Dad all day but when I was, it was really odd seeing him at work. Seeing him talking with his colleagues who I’d never met but he sees almost every day and talks about quite a bit. It was odd to see what people thought of him and how one of the guys noticed my Dad’s habit of humming and singing whilst working. (As my friend pointed out, I do exactly the same!) I guess it must be similar for my parents when thinking about me at school. I’m so often mentioning people they haven’t met and they never really get to see what I’m like in lessons or at lunch, however much the school tries to tell them.

Weird thing #3: Dreams
With holidays, I tend to sleep longer and with longer sleep comes more dreams; Or at least more dreams that I remember. One the other day was particularly odd: Involving me having a baby except never really being pregnant in the dream and then the baby, for the majority of the dream, being a lifeless toy doll. Now don’t say that isn’t weird.

Weird thing #4: 100th Blog
This is my last blog before I go into triple digits. As of next blog, I will have written one hundred posts and that seems masses. And not just that, but people actually read them. All I can say to that is: Thank You.

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