Friday, 24 December 2010

A Christmas Eve Medley

So, I've been meaning to do a blog for a while. Except I keep coming up with the ideas when my laptop is turned off and I've managed to get out of the habit of using my little blog book. I should really get back into that habit I think because it's a pretty cool thing to have. Also, NaNoWriMo has totally got me out of the habit of blogging. Anyway, I'm finally sitting in front of a computer and it's Christmas eve. I mean, how on earth has Christmas crept up on me so quickly?! Last Christmas feels like it was both ages ago and only yesterday at the same time. So much has happened in the past year, I've met so many new awesome people, done so many cool things as well as, unfortunately, gone through some tough times. However, it is also the tough times that shape who we are so I'm not complaining... too much...

So, what does everyone love the most about tomorrow? Yes, that's right, it's the Doctor Who Christmas special. Wait? You don't like Doctor Who? Well tough, I'm going to talk about it. After a long wait for more new Doctor Who related stuff, tomorrow we will finally get a new, awesome episode of Doctor Who. (Well, I'm assuming it'll be awesome for two reasons: 1) It's Doctor Who, 2) It's written by Stephen Moffat. Some people don't like Stephen Moffat as head writer but I think they just don't like change and don't appreciate the plots. If you look at this article on the Daily Mail website and scroll down to the comments, you get a bizarre mix of all the comments being anti Matt Smith and wanting David Tennant back for the 'eye candy' yet all but one have more negative 'votes' than positive! Sure, I liked David Tennant but I think the changes that have come about mean that more people are watching Doctor Who for the plots rather than for David Tennant and I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to tomorrow's special so so much!

Also, Doctor Who related, Charlie McDonnell (aka Charlieissocoollike) has been doing a few videos for Doctor Who Confidential and I thought I'd share with you his last one. I particularly love the bit with Arthur Darvill. I'm sorry but he is underrated!
Also, if you have time, look at the Advent calender on the Doctor Who website, they always have a few nuggets of awesomeness for the Whovian craving their fix of Doctor Who!

Christmas preparations seem to have been going on forever but one of the defining dates of December was the 1st. Why? Because that was the day that Charlie's album came out. Admittedly mine only arrived in the post a few days ago but still. At the DFTBA office they were calling it Hurricane Charlie due to the massive number of people who ordered copies. I like Charlie's songs mainly for their simple nerdy nature and they're really of quite a different genre to other DFTBA artists. (Although I'm trying to make Windows Media Player recognise DFTBA as a legitimate genre but I don't think it's working.) However, one of his songs, "Hayley G. Hoover" intrigued me. Not because of what was in it but because of what was said about the song in the sleeve. What was even more interesting was Hayley's blog about said song (here) and this got me thinking. While we like to think that the YouTube community isn't like the Celebrity scene and, in the sense that it's easier for us to contact and meet the YouTubers this is true, however, we still have a habit of idolising the more well known YouTubers. While it may seem like they share a lot of their lives with us over the small screen, we forget that this is just a fraction of their lives. They can cut out and edit out anything they don't want us to see and we absorb that and quite often idolise them to this state where the YouTube world is practically perfect. Anything that disrupts the status quo, anything that suggests to us that it isn't all perfect and not all the YouTubers are best of friends, can cause us to come out with some rather over opinionated remarks. I'm not saying that Nerdfighteria and the YouTube community can't work together for good, just take a glance at the Project for Awesome! However, when the YouTube community become a place where we escape, we can forget that it isn't perfect and overreact to out idealisms being crushed or revealed for what they really are.

Right, enough about that, lets talk about Christmas properly now. I don't know where you stand with Christmas. Whether you just enjoy spending time with your family and receiving present, whether you even celebrate Christmas at all, or whether, like me, ultimately, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. (Yup, that's where the Christ in CHRISTmas comes from!) That's the real joy about this time of year. Doctor Who can let us down by being not as awesome as we hoped, we can discover that the YouTube community isn't how we imagined it was and our family time together could end up in arguments or we could end up not getting the present we really wanted. However, Jesus came into this world, as we remember at Christmas, to overcome everything that is wrong in this world and unlike so many other things, we can trust him. The reason why we can't trust anything else 100%? Sin. Our disobedience means that people argue, other things let us down and we're not happy with everything we have. However, Jesus came to correct that. He lived on earth to live the perfect, sinless life that we could never give. He lived, died, and rose again to overcome the power of sin so that we too may be free from sin one day. All we have to do is trust him, the one person that won't let us down. So you don't believe this? Well, my arguing won't necessarily make much difference but remember this: when the whole world will let you down, Jesus will not. He is ultimately in perfect control of everything, even if it may not seem so at the time and if you trust in him, he will save you from the punishment of sin.

Don't forget what Christmas is truly about as you enjoy your time tomorrow.

Merry Christmas.

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