Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Nerdy Personal Ads

“Timelady looking for Timelord. Preferably member of Nerdfighteria and must never FTBA. Animal lover preferred, Christian faith compulsory.”

Apparently fish are linked to everything. (When I say apparently, I mean Matt told me that “Fish are connected to everything” when I asked him for blog ideas; so here it goes...) Fish goes to fish fingers which go to fish custard which goes to Doctor Who. Fish goes to the sea which goes to everything salty or watery. Fish goes to baby fish which goes to mating which goes to courtship which vaguely ties in to my topic. However, unlike Siamese fighting fish, human males do not construct a bubble nest made from bubbles held together by mouth secretions to attract a female.

Instead, humans have a wide range of techniques to find their ‘mate’ with varying success rates. Also, we tend to worry much more about looks, personality, height, hobbies, beliefs, whether they squeeze the toothpaste in the middle or at the end, than most animals do. (When I say most animals I mean all animals. Their courtship displays are pretty much only about discovering the counterpart animal which will be the best at producing healthy offspring.) Generally, our first question isn’t “hi, will you be good at giving me kids?”

However, most of us have a mental list of things that we would want our idea partner to be, whether we admit to it or not. Taking some examples from my list: they have to be a Christian; like animals; smart; have a passion in something I think is interesting. We also tend to have those options that would be nice if the person met but insisting on all of them would be a bit superficial and probably leave us with no options: taller than me, a vet, looks like David Tennant...

Some people get their perfect person early on and first time. Others have to wait, just dreaming about them and modifying them as they go while others meet the perfect opposite of their ideal idea and marry them instead. Others are perfectly happy to just dream and not worry if someone exists for them and I say good for them.

I’ll leave you with the video that inspired this title:

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