Monday, 28 June 2010

Hannah’s Googlewhack Adventure

I recently finished reading Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure and was introduced to the world of Googlewhacking. I may not be planning to travel the world to visit Googlewhack results but I did seek to find my own within the hickledy pickled world of the internet.

I found a few almost Googlewhacks, along with some actual ones, but then I began thinking. (I know, “Thinking, Hannah?” I hear you exclaim, “be careful!”) I wondered if I could make myself Googlewhack. Obviously within the highly kinetic world of the internet, this may not be easy. I may manage it once but another day another webpage may take away my glory. Obviously I wouldn’t be able to make it last until I’m so old I’ve got osteoporosis and need a catheter in order to go to the loo but I need to cover all bases.

Firstly, I needed to establish how I was going to do this. I have a blog so the attempt can go on there but I can’t just list a load of words in the hope that I’d be a Googlewhack; I’d have to go about this properly.

Roping in the help of Rosanna, we round a long list of potential Googlewhacks. Like an impala running over the savannah we leapt and bounded around for potential Googlewhacks; Word combinations that brought up results as empty as a search for a tyrannosaurous. These words we scribbled down and I endeavoured to place them all in a blog. Calling the search to a halt so that I could fill my stomach with food via my oesophagus I went away happy, planning how I could use these words.

The problem is, just listing these words would contradict the rules of Googlewhacking. I would have to integrate them into a blog post.

I started drafting, but half way through I realised, if I was going to complete this effectively, I would have to know what these words mean. It’s no good including them if I use them wrongly and cause an inadvertent oxymoron. Research would have to be done; and quickly to ensure that no one else stole my potential Googlewhacks.

I learnt that vermicelli pasta looks like worms and contemplated learning more of the Greek alphabet than alpha, beta, and omega; however omicron was as far as I got. I also discovered that the dictionary on my phone is terrible and decided on looking elsewhere for information.

I could cheat. Well, bend the rules. I could tell you a story of a mouse called gargantuan who lived in a village called darmstadtium. He also has a twin called coeleocanth who discovered that there were two darmstadtiums on the map. Together they set out to find this town. On the way they had to confront a large cat called catanoid before finally reaching their village’s namesake.

Now, I don’t know if this will work and won’t be able to check before I’ve posted. The internet is constantly changing, evolving, developing and inadvertently repeating itself like a time loop or worm hole taken straight out of an episode of Doctor Who. However, if you wish to see, the words I specifically placed in are in bold. Try combining two of them and placing them in Google to see if I appear. Also, if you have issues with spelling or their validity as a word, just leave a comment below.

Happy Googlewhacking!

DFTBA, Terrie, I have not forgotten.

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