Monday, 24 May 2010


I’m in the middle of exam period and I’m meant to be revising furiously. However, me being me, everything else seems so much more interesting and apparently I’ve developed compulsive blogitus.

The exams coming up are mainly AS exams (with a few A2 maths exams because I am most certainly crazy) and with 1 exam down I have 11 more to go. Two maths exams are coming up this afternoon and mark the beginning of the end of my study of maths. However, the exam I’m probably most worried about is chemistry. I did appallingly in the mock and it’s full of actual facts you have to remember rather than general rules which I find easy to remember and apply.

Chemistry revision and mocks also involves this:

This is the back of my friend Maryam’s mock paper. Practically the whole class finished with plenty of time left over but I think her doodles express our boredom most vividly.

After our failures of mocks, we went on to revise. However, I didn’t do so well in this respect either. I failed at the first hurdle not even being able to spell Fluorine. (Which again, I misspelt however the wonder of spellcheckers means that my telling you is the only way you will know...)

Now I’ve sufficiently wasted both your time and my time I’m going to go off and have lunch before heading off to my maths exams...

DFTBA, Terrie, I have not forgotten!

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