Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Really Awkward One

The due date for this blog lies right in the middle of exams. (Literally. I’m 6 exams down and have 6 to go.) I could claim that this inconvenience is why this blog is “the really awkward one” but, in truth, exams haven’t really hindered my blogging.

In reality, the only reason this blog is awkward is because Terrie called it awkward. The word has this odd ability to turn any situation sour, make any situation feel just that little bit awkward.

However, some people are immune to ‘awkward’. You can place them in any odd situation and they will never feel awkward. You could stick them between two people who aren’t talking to each other or between two teachers in the cinema and they won’t blink an eyelid.

Others are not so immune and for you I advise combating awkwardness such as awkward silences with randomness. To cry out “sheep!” or ask someone whether they’d like to have a cup of tea (regardless of tea availability) are sure ways to get some sort of conversation flowing. You may end up with some people thinking you’re a bit odd but I think people should enjoy the little eccentricities of life. Rather than sit there in silence, random phrases to brighten the conversation are much better. They bring the sort of awkwardness I thrive on!

This blog is still really awkward and I’m not sure how to change it. To be honest, I probably can’t just because it’s been labelled with such an odd name. Usually the 300 words fly by but this one is just dragging on... Maybe, to make it fully awkward, I’ll just end it with random words until the limit is fulfilled...

Blob; chimpanzee; buffalo; green; table; stripes; chair; exaggeration; paper; apron; cockroach; paint; procrastinate; elastic; smile.

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