Monday, 31 May 2010

Erase This

As many of you know, I am pretty much obsessed with DFTBA artists. I think the majority of them are absolutely amazing and certainly better than anything in the charts at the moment. My current favourite is the new album by Alan Lastufka and Luke Conard called ‘Erase This’.

I’ve always loved Luke Conard’s music but I’ve only just discovered the lyrical genius of Alan. He wrote the lyrics for Summer of ’09 and Can’t on ALL CAPS’ album Bmin/e and I fell in love with those songs and this led me to find out more about Alan Lastufka. This led me to his new album and I’ve since had it on almost constant repeat. I think it’s really good and combines the singing talent of Luke and the lyrical genius of Alan almost perfectly. So... I thought I’d share it with you. Some of my favourites are on Youtube although there are a few that are missing....

DFTBA Terrie, I have not forgotten!

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