Friday, 23 September 2011

I live in London Now, London is Cool

On Tuesday, I ventured into Central London for the first time since I've moved. After lunch, I hopped onto the tube to meet my friends near Tower Bridge for an afternoon of excitement.

First, there were some awesome gorillas, and then we went on to the clockmaker's museum. I have to admit that I wasn't expecting much. I was expecting to get bored pretty quickly but actually it was really interesting. There were so many different types of clock with weird and wonderful mechanisms and clocks of different shapes, sizes, styles, purposes (you know, besides telling the time) and it wasn't just a room full of clocks. Well, it was, but it was better than that! Although, I did manage to freak myself out a little when  I realised the loud ticking could easily be hiding numerous clockwork monsters from Doctor Who....

Next, we went on to the London Museum. The first half was pretty boring in my opinion, "stone age" history and other pre-Medieval history hasn't really ever interested me much however, once we got further round, it was much more exciting and we had a great time there.

Somewhere between the two, we came across a blue Police Telephone and anyone who knows me can guess why we got just a little excited about it. Rosanna suggested that the Chameleon Circuit was actually working and the phone not working was to discourage accidental discovery.

After the others had a McDonalds and I ate my rather squashed packed lunch (Note to self: leave a bit longer when making a packed lunch, Mum's not around to do it any more, plus a lunch box would be helpful...) we rushed off to catch Tower Bridge being lifted up. We stood on London Bridge, looking down the Thames towards Tower Bridge and managed to see most of it.

However, the last thing we did was obviously the most exciting. It was what the whole day had been building up to and what Rosanna and I were particularly excited about. We went to the Globe Theatre to see Arthur Darvil in Doctor Faustus.

The experience was amazing. Even ignoring the fact that Arthur Darvil was mere metres (even centimetres at times) away from us on stage, the whole experience of being a groundling in the Globe is one that I'm so glad I've had. Having the action happen all around you, the excitement so close and how you have to turn to keep your eye on the action letting actors sneak up behind you enhancing the experience, the cool breeze of being out in the open air and even when it started to drizzle, it merely added to the atmosphere. I almost forgot I was standing most of the time and the way it was all played out helped me properly understand the Elizabethan language properly for probably the first time. Unlike studying Shakespeare in class where the words are dull and unfamiliar, where the script seems monotone and the meaning glides overhead, Christopher Marlow's words came to life and I actually understood the jokes most of the time and it was just so much more exiting. Rosanna and I spent the interval just wanting the second half to start straight away and of course we waited for Arthur Darvil at the end....

We weren't sure where to wait at first but we noticed a few others were waiting and some of the other actors were leaving through this door so we waited patiently and eagerly.

Arthur Darvil was lovely. He came back to talk to us after saying goodbye to his friends (and having a cigarette :( ) despite the fact that he was in a rush. He was so happy to sign our programs, answer our questions and he was happy to shake my hand. (A good firm handshake but not as good as Josh's. If Josh's is 10/10, Arthur was about an 8.7)

So, after leaving the others at London Bridge, I returned back home on the tube, back to my flat mates, full of excitement as very much hoping to do it all again.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.


  1. Hey Hannah
    Hope London is treating you well!
    Who is Arthur Darvil by the way?

  2. Hey Matt! Long time no speak. Arthur Darvil would be the guy who plays one of the Doctor's companions on Doctor Who atm :)

  3. Aha. So, Rory the Roman. Did he have a sword?

  4. HEY GO ON TWITTER..., I MISS YOU... Need your advice on something. glad London is going alright

  5. Matt: Haha, he did actually have a sword at one point!!

    George: I'll reply to your email :)

  6. thank you :-) sent it to hannhalikessheepbaa email :-#) hope u r alright