Saturday, 30 July 2011

Is this the last question?

No! Of course this isn't the last question! In fact, this is the beginning of "Twenty Questions". Do you remember back at the beginning of the year when Matt Colclough challenged me to "First 11 for '11"? Well this is the sequel. And I'm heading off to Beach Mission tomorrow so he has some what of an advantage...

Matt and I have set each other twenty questions which we each have to answer before we head off to Roothill camp on the 20th August. That would be pretty much one a day if I weren't going on Beach Mission but just because I'll be busy next week doesn't mean I'm going to let Matt win! Even if it requires five blogs in one day or working out a way to blog from my phone, I will not give up and rest assured, this will not be the last question.

Obviously, this challenge has a few rules. The main one being that each blog should be at least 100 words long however I'm now thinking that this may be a little short. I've already completed this quota and yet this blog seems a little short and pathetic. Then again, it may make it easier to catch up...

I've begun at the end, making the last question the first question and now I just have 19 more questions to complete. I think most of these I could come up with a post fairly easily and if anything, I'm going to have trouble deciding which order to do the posts in! I could have been all OCD about it and just done them in order but what's the fun in that? The first shall be last and the last shall be first. Oh, I've just realised, I could fulfil my need for order by just doing them backwards... Oh well, we'll see.

And of course, no challenge blog is complete without some stats:

Twenty Questions status: 1/20
programs open: Steam chat, too many postit notes, windows live mail and Chrome: facebook, blogger draft, A White Horizon, and instructions to make the black lotus from Sherlock that I've pinned and keep meaning to print.
Latest music listened to: Whatever was last on from my playlist of DFTBA artists
Last film/tv watched: an episode of Miranda on iPlayer that I was only half watching
Latest book read: A UBM book called "Holidays of a Lifetime!"
Latest edible item consumed: A chocolate biscuit I believe
Predominant colour of clothes wearing: Grey. Surprisingly not blue for once
Days until Roothill: 21


On Two Truths, One Lie, I'll put the whole thing on hold for a bit seen as a blog challenge has commenced however I will give you the answer to last time:

3 is the lie. This may disappoint people seen as it's the two highly esteemed films that I haven't seen and the other, rather standard film that I have... Well, if anyone wishes to lend me the DVDs....


  1. oh dear... you do realise that with me starting at the beginning, and you starting at the end, and moving in opposite directions, we've set ourselves up for comparison to the Doctor and River Song? have to do something about that 8p

    i realised when i read your two-truths-one-lie answer just now that i'd misinterpreted the question. i was busy thinking of it as one-truth-two-lies for some reason. silly me. well, i can't help with Toy Story 3, but i do have Jurassic Park on DVD...

    and now to try and build up a lead! MUAHAHA!


  2. Why not do a writing challenge where you have to compete to write a post about a certain subject and who ever does the best post on that subject wins.