Friday, 13 August 2010

100 things

1) My only band T-shirt is of a DFTBA band
2) I had braces when I was younger
3) I’ve met Gareth Malone and played with him conducting
4) I’ve been kissed up a tree
5) I learnt to touch type when I was 11
6) I tried to learn the violin when I was 7, and failed
7) I’ve never seen Star Wars
8) I planted a millennium tree in my primary school
9) I’ve been on a steam train almost as many times as an electric train
10) I’ve been to see The Woman in Black twice
11) I used to collect worms under my trampoline when I was very young
12) I’ve chased leaders from camp around various towns while they’ve been dressed up as old people more than once
13) I’ve sat down and done ‘row your boat’ in the middle of a path
14) The only times I’ve been abroad have been with school
15) I’ve made a paper model TARDIS
16) I was baptised when I was 13
17) I have drawn on 2 pairs of shoes with Sharpie pens
18) I’ve seen 3 dogs have surgery on their knee
19) I’ve never got drunk
20) I’m team Carlisle
21) I’ve visited Auschwitz
22) Two things I couldn’t survive without are music and novels
23) I’ve never broken a bone
24) I’ve watched a dog castration more than once but I’m yet to see a spay
25) I’ve never read Lord of the Rings
26) I’ve whisked Marmite
27) I’ve eaten an ostrich burger
28) I’ve had a blood transfusion
29) I’ve gone swimming in the sea in April
30) I played goalie for my school hockey team once
31) I used a loo down a salt mine
32) I’ve slept overnight at Church
33) I can complete a Rubik’s cube
34) I usually have a song going round on repeat in my head
35) The only time I’ve been on a plane was when I went to Poland
36) I’ve cried about a guy
37) I once spilt paint on my jumper, then on my t-shirt, then my P.E. shirt, all in the same day
38) I’ve laid down in the middle of a road to look at stars more than once
39) I’ve won a paper aeroplane contest at school
40) I’ve gone through and named all my stationary
41) I’ve walked the whole way round for my school’s cross country compulsory try out
42) You could create a library out of the number of books I’ve read
43) I’ve spent a whole chemistry lesson playing cards
44) I’ve dressed up as Mandy Hope from the Animal Ark series for World Book Day
45) The only Harry Potter book I own is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and I’ve never read it all the way through
46) I’ve posted videos on YouTube
47) I’ve had a bottle fight with my form in a classroom
48) In primary school, I had a favourite silver birch tree that I used to talk to
49) I’ve made a paper model sonic screwdriver
50) I made my Dad come with me to see the S Club film ‘Seeing Double’
51) I went to the midnight showing of New Moon
52) I have paper models of all three Top Gear aqua cars
53) I once took part in a name the dog competition for the French department, called it a Spanish name, and won
54) I passed my driving theory test first time
55) I used to say sphere as Sophia
56) I’ve done face painting for my church’s fun day
57) I’ve been to work with my dad
58) I’ve been gorge walking
59) I was a Swiss, yodelling skier for my primary school nativity play
60) I didn’t cry when I left primary school
61) I filmed myself lip-syncing as part of a Christmas present
62) I have favourited every single @reply I’ve had on Twitter from YouTubers
63) I am a Nerdfighter
64) I own a stethoscope and scrubs
65) I have dressed up as the 10th Doctor for my friend’s birthday party
66) I’ve had to go in for an exam on a staff training day
67) I once made up my own sign language with a friend in primary school
68) I have a cut-out of my friend’s head tucked above my notice board
69) I’ve spent a whole maths lesson playing Articulate
70) I’ve watched every single episode of Doctor Who since it returned
71) I know Matt Baker. Just not the one off Blue Peter
72) I’ve held a baby skunk
73) I’ve held a baby kookaburra
74) I like pretty much all sweets apart from liquorish and Turkish Delights
75) I’ve met the authors Julia Golding and Caroline Lawrence and own a signed copy of one of their books each
76) My favourite Doctor Who quote is “This is my time-y whim-y detector; it goes ding when there’s stuff. It can also boil an egg at thirty paces. Whether you want it to or not come to think of it so I’ve learnt to stay away from hens; it’s not pretty when they blow!”
77) I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a vet
78) Some of my best memories have been on camp
79) I’ve been dumped via text
80) I used to hate London but now I want to go to university there
81) I didn’t realise ‘Torchwood’ was an anagram of ‘Doctor Who’ until someone tweeted it
82) I have done a number of things that I’d never share online
83) I’m allergic to grass (it makes me come up in an itchy rash)
84) I managed to include sheep in my GCSE art exam
85) I don’t have any piercings, not even my ears
86) Some of my earliest memories include a very hairy caterpillar and my mum on a zip wire
87) If I had my way, I’d live mainly on various forms of pasta
88) I’ve been to a recording of Have I got News for You
89) I hate the idea of putting in contacts
90) I used to have almost a whole shelf full of Animal Ark books
91) I’ve been trained as a marine mammal medic
92) I’m part of the school’s Jazz Band
93) I love having hypothetical discussions
94) Being a Christian is the most important thing in my life
95) I eat way too many sweets
96) I’ve injected a cow, and a cat
97) My favourite book from primary school is The Thief Lord
98) I’ve never been stung by either a wasp or a bee
99) I’ve ridden in a tractor
100) I have written one hundred blog posts!

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