Friday, 18 March 2011

"Yours forever, less than three"

I have these friends. You may know them, but most likely you don't. They're called Terrie and Sam. Terrie is "the loud one who gesticulates a lot" and also gets mentioned on here quite a bit and Sam is "the awkward one who stares a lot" and also is the cause of the 'nom' debate. Now, why am telling you about these two? It's not like they've found the question for the answer 42* or solved world peace** or found out that the cake is in fact not a lie***. They're just two Nerdfighters made of awesome.

Well, these two specimens of Nerdfightaria have made a YouTube video. Technically they've filmed a whole ton of stuff but I edited it all together for them to give you 4mins and 44secs of Terrie-and-Sam-ness.

So now I introduce to you: "lessthanthreenerds"

So the beginning of the beginning has begun. Hopefully more videos will come sooner rather than later and I have a good lot of footage to make a blooper reel! So I hope you enjoy it and I'm sure they'll appreciate any constructive criticism.


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  1. terrie and sam you say... nope. never heard of them.