Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Alex Pettyfer 'nom' debate

Alex Pettyfer: the young actor who first appeared as Alex Rider in the film adaptation of Stormbreaker. Back then, I was obsessed with Anthony Horowitz's series of books and dragged my Dad to come see the film. Since then, Alex Pettyfer has returned in "I am Number Four" (or I am four and I keep missaying) and that brought him up in a common room discussion over whether he is 'nom' or not.

So, what is 'nom'. To be honest, the definition of 'nom' is a bit hazy but in the words of my friend Sam, 'nom' is "phwar. Nom is, erm, I don't know, how does one define nom? Nom is 'I would...' *winky face* Nom is like nom. That is what nom is." So, hopefully that clears things up.

According to Sam, Alex Pettyfer is 'nom'. Very 'nom'. And while I and a few others may not disagree with Sam, our oppinion is not quite so set in stone. However, my friend Maryam dared to go against Sam leading to a long debate over whether Alex Pettyfer really is 'nom' or not. A debate that involved his initial role in Stormbreaker (Sam: obsessed with the film, Maryam: thought the film was a bit rubbish), his role is Wild Child (Maryam doesn't seem to understand the attraction of the male English accent against an American accent) and of course his role in 'I am number four'.

Now, while Alex Pettyfer isn't unattractive. (He wouldn't be cast as the 'fit' male lead in these films otherwise) but I wouldn't neccisarily call him nom. Well, I might call some of the characters he plays 'nom' but not him. Let me qualify. In calling someone 'nom' I think (well, I at least think) that personailty plays at least a slight role and if you google 'Alex Pettyfer', around half the results involve some 'bad boy' thing he's done.

So, while Sam says when asked why Alex Pettyfer is 'nom': "How, how does one put it into words.... It's not one of those things you can say. Because, I mean, have you seen him?! That is my only comment." I'd say, I'm not sure 'nom' is the right word. 'Fit' maybe if your objectifying him but I'm not sure. And also, Alex Pettyfer as Peeta from the Hunger Games?* Please tell me this isn't true.


*I'll try remember to do a blog on The Hunger Games asap as the series is just awesome.


  1. in my universe, 'nom' is either latin for 'name' (as in 'nom de plume'), or if you string it together three times in a row (as in 'nom nom nom') it conjures images of lunch, preferably something italian with lots of cheese. what a confusing word 8/

    alex pettyfer isn't an italian lunch with lots of cheese, therefore i wouldn't call him 'nom'. then again, maybe i'm seeing this differently due to not being a girl?

    speaking of lunch... time to go and find some...

  2. Curses Matt! Now I really want some pizza, a commodity I am sadly lacking in.

    I also concur on your assessment of the word 'nom,' it is properly used when stringed in sequences of 3 or more 'noms' with an 'om' before it :)

  3. i feel your pain, josh - i haven't had pizza in a while either 8(

    also: how could i forget the 'om' at the beginning of 'om nom nom nom'? my very bad!

  4. nom is a versatile word, and it's exact meaning can only be fathomed by the context in which it is used. for example, while traditionally a pizza is considered nom, if a person or a car or a book or a colour is called nom it has the same general meaning; that is to say that the object of nomfulness is desirable in some way. in this sense it is used as an adjective as opposed to a verb, as in 'to nom'. this would only be applied to food. or paper if you are so inclined. so, for this reason, gender plays no role in understanding how nom could be used to describe a person. i mean, admittedly you may not agree with me that alex pettyfer is nom, but i'm sure you can think of someone whom you'd describe as nom...

  5. <3 nice summary sam and also i agree mr pettyfer is once again nom. He seems to have grown into his nose haha X