Sunday, 30 June 2013

Leaving the tropics

Today is my last day in Borneo. Soon I will be jumping on a canoe then a minibus then another boat to get back to Bandar Seri Begawan before jumping on a long haul flight back home.

The past two weeks have been amazing and it will be weird to go back home but I have to admit I'm rather looking forward to seeing everyone and sleeping in my own bed!

The thing I'll probably miss the most is the abundance of awesome insects and creatures popping up around every corner. Mantids in the shower, massive spiders on the walk to breakfast, giant moths near the laundry room, and tree frogs just beside our accommodation. Everything at home is small and relatively boring in comparison!

However, I have to leave at some point. So, goodbye Brunei and hello England!


  1. i think some people would look forward to not having mantids in the shower... but that's their loss! the closest i ever got to one of those was on the side of the swimming pool at our residential complex in Hong Kong. it was a bit greener than the one in your photo, and didn't give that disconcerting i'm-about-to-eat-you stare 8/

  2. I thought that the Moth on the blue chair was actually on your jumper at first as the image has that look about it.

    The only really tropical place I have been to was The Eden Project, it was hot there, and that was before I went into the Giant Biomes. Other than that, the most tropical place I have been too is Booths (Supermarket).