Thursday, 10 February 2011

Almost half the Who


The Whovians of Highworth unite (well, not quite...) to form an alliance of blogspheric abundance. This blog is clearly a conglomerate of awesome. Contrary to popular opinion, the 'WHO' is not completely insane. Nor is it an alliance of sheep. We are happily entitled to stroke sheep (but not kidnap them) and then we could take over the world!! The plan is simply to find a flux capacitor and then travel to the Medusa Cascade to meet Schrodinger's Walrus. Easy. However, we would also have to overcome the problem of the Raxacoricofallaptorians without crashing on Klom. If that were to happen, we would initiate Plan 42 (classified information that we cannot release on internet blogs...). If we were to tell you, we would have to send a radioactive pigeon to you in the post. After finding your address by asking Connor Temple to hack into the world database of addresses. Yes, it exists. Do not question this.

While we are not all here, Sam smells. It needed to be said... Also, to make it even: Terrie doesn't really like Doctor Who. And to top it all off, Taryn would rather talk to K9 than meet the Doctor. And Jennie (who is definitely Jackie) .... could have thought of something wittier to say about Taryn..... BUT of all things, Jennie is a totally incompetent Death Eater and Eco Schools prefect. Sorry, it had to be said. And so did that sentence - twice.

Moving on from all this,
now we need to eat.


Almost half of the WHO....
 Rosanna, Hannah, and Maryam


  1. i love how this blog alternates between deadly-serious posts and total randomness B]

  2. HANNAH if you ever type, say or think the phrase Terrie doesn't really lie doctor who again i will shoot you !